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Quick Basic Pizza Dough

Recipe photo courtesy of Johnny Miller

This dough is a cinch -- give it time to rise and a couple of kneads and it's done! You can store it in an oiled bowl, covered with plastic, in the refrigerator for up to 2 hours. Need recipe inspiration? Sign up for our Everyday Food Newsletter and get our most delicious recipes delivered to your inbox.

Source: Everyday Food, March 2010
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  • iesamhernandez
    26 JAN, 2018
    I made this and cooked one pizza a few hours later. It turned out good. The rest of the dough I put in a ziplock baggie and left in the refrigerator for two days.Day one I took it out and set it on the counter to come to room temp. But I was unable to cook it that day so I put it back in the refrigerator. Day 2 I took it out and let it come to room temp. WOW the yeasty flavor was awesome and the dough cooked perfect. I have a pizza stone and set my oven for 500 degrees the pizza was done in about 10 to 12 minutes... Will do this again soon.
  • ALR9143113DW
    20 JAN, 2018
    This dough is easy it’s the first homemade pizza dough I made and my family and friends love it.i have used it for about 4 years.
  • saabshafiq
    8 JAN, 2018
    The dough was really great. It didn't turn out as sticky as in the recipe for me but still a beautiful smooth dough. The pizza turned out to be the best one I made so far. Thank you very much for your awesome recipe. :)
  • genosmimi3
    27 DEC, 2017
    It worked out great! Quick and easy. I’ve made it 3x as is and it’s perfect each time. Made it into garlic rolls for Christmas dinner , I replaced regular salt with garlic salt in the dough -then baked ( about 10min) made about 20 pieces. I rubbed butter over the hot rolls sprinkled with garlic salt and powered parmigiana cheese, a huge hit. My 5 year old grandson requested them today, he’s helping me make them !! We are going to eat them dipped in marinara sauce!!
  • vaidajavgurean
    20 NOV, 2017
    really great pizza dough, worked from the first time!
  • anielaaven
    26 OCT, 2017
    This was an awesome pizza dough! I would definitely make it again. With half of the dough, I stuffed it with cheese and coated with egg yolk. It worked perfectly. ;)
    • janetb132320763
      19 NOV, 2017
  • wizard2fuel
    15 NOV, 2017
    No adjustments. Perfect as is.
  • petemom1957
    21 OCT, 2017
    I saw that the video said to use 2 teaspoons of sugar but several reviewers said they used the 2 Tablespoons so that is what I did...I followed the rest exactly. In 1 hour my dough had doubled so I split into two and froze one for latter. My oven has trouble getting to 500 so I set at 425. After spreading the dough into my pizza pan I put about 1 cup of shredded mozzarella over the dough and baked about 5 minutes. I then took pan out, spread my sauce & toppings with about 1 1/2 cup more cheese topping it. After approximately 14 minutes the pizza was done~ perfection! Dough light and tasty. Thank you Martha, my new to go too.
  • mistyelchert
    14 OCT, 2017
    Loved it. Used 1packet if yeast and still worked great
  • beanonwiregmai
    22 MAR, 2017
    In the video she says two teas[filtered]s of sugar, but the recipe says two tables[filtered]s. Which is correct? I made this recipe by watching the video, and it turned out more like ciabatta dough, very very sticky.
    • shibbyo
      22 SEP, 2017
      Maybe it's "tablespoons" that gets filtered. It should go without saying that I'm in favor of filtering out the word "[filtered]" on its own. That has nothing to do with cooking BTW I used two teaspoons of sugar. I'll update later and let you guys know how it went.
    • shibbyo
      22 SEP, 2017
      I am making this dough recipe for the first time. It's in the kitchen rising as I type this. I'm just posting to find out if Martha Stewart .com comments section really filters out the word "[filtered]" from "tablespoon"
    • xanwasting
      16 SEP, 2017
      It turns out sticky even if you follow the recipe version. Also, Tablesp00n version tastes great. P.S. isn't it hillarious how teaspoon is filtered? cracks me up every time.

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