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  • karenthomp999606
    20 DEC, 2017
    I have been using this pie recipe for years and my family absolutely loves it! Be sure to add enough cornstarch for the custard to be thick, and definitely continue to stir while in the ice bath to avoid clumping. I arrange bananas on the top of the pie prior to serving, rather than using whipped cream. Best recipe for banana cream pie!!
  • asteradamson
    19 APR, 2016, don't walk away from this recipe. This is not a Martha Stewart recipe, it just can't be. I've made her pies before and this one is a disgrace. It's partly my fault. I am a good baker, I knew that there wasn't enough cornstarch or thickener in this recipe and I did it anyway. Followed the recipe exactly. It was wet pudding. Very gloopy...didn't set up. At. All. I've made a million custards and puddings. Never fail. This recipe badly needs an fact check. Couldn't even eat it. Wasted.
  • lisacraft2001
    23 SEP, 2014
    I just made this tonight for dessert and it was delicious. Instead of making a whole pie, I made four mini pies. I had a little custard leftover so I layered it in a dessert glass with some banana slices. This recipe was quick to make (even for a weeknight dessert) and pretty easy too, especially if you have made custard or pudding from scratch before. I'll definitely be making this again.
  • PIE Lover
    22 JAN, 2013
    I made this pie with a chocolate cookie crust and I loved it! The vanilla pudding is a perfect blend with the bananas. I think this pie would be good without the whipped cream.
  • DSMiller
    22 FEB, 2010
    This pie was VERY good! EASY to make! The next time I will make sure the bananas are very ripe. The only change I would make is to layer banana slices with filling...only because my husband would have liked more bananas in the pie! Banana cream is his favorite pie and he LOVED this recipe! I will deffinately make this again!!!
  • Janetb21
    19 JUL, 2009
    This was wonderful!! I made sure I cooked the filling until it was thick. I would make it again and again.
  • AngelaCullen
    6 DEC, 2008
    Did not like as much as I thought I would. It didn't firm up enough, maybe that is why or I was comparing it to my grandmother's own recipe. It's good, but not on the top of my list.
  • MS12206034
    29 JUL, 2008
    This pie was so good! Made me feel like a pro.
  • mewohlfarth
    10 MAY, 2008
    This turned out delicious, the whole family loved it. The only thing is that I had a lot of left over whipped topping, but other than that it was wonderful!
  • bakeaholic
    9 MAR, 2008
    This pie is delicious indeed. I did however have a problem with the filling not setting up correctly. I chilled it overnight, but it didn't set firm enough, so when I cut into it the next day, the filling slid off the crust (I also had this at a friendn n n n n n s house and the filling was runny as well). Maybe more cornstarch would do the trick. That said, the taste of the vanilla custard is absolutely divine and would be good in any cream pie or tart.

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