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A classic Key lime pie gets upgraded for the holidays with coconut milk in the filling. The dessert is gilded with toasted shredded coconut sprinkled on top of a billowy whipped cream topping.

Source: Everyday Food, November 2010



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  • marlowek2021986
    13 DEC, 2018
    My go-to pie for special occasions. Living in Florida, everyone is familiar with key lime pie and it’s various iterations but this one receives rave reviews every time. Don’t change a thing.
    • jormiles1943
      6 APR, 2019
      We were taught in cooking school to use Persian lime juice vs Key lime juice due to its excessive tartness. If using Key limes how do you offset the tartness?
  • tomjaymaccom
    28 JUN, 2018
    Be advised that if you use the store-bought shell, there is enough filling for two. I modified the recipe with 1/2 cup of lime juice and 1tsp of coconut extract in the custardy filling, and opted for a merangue instead of whip cream topping, and it turned out well.
    • MS12347782
      6 APR, 2019
      Would a deep dish pie plate be better for this recipe?
  • jordynnmcfarla
    21 JUN, 2018
    I've had the pie in the oven from almost 2 hours are the filing has not set and is now curdled. I checked it every 10 min after the 40 min cooking time stated in the recipe and the filing was bubbling and just would not set. I'll need to throw the whole pie out now. I wouldn't recommend making this one.
    • jonmohno
      13 SEP, 2018
      What I really meant to say is it wont set till you cool it, then refrigerate it, you just got impatient, unless your oven is not working.
    • jonmohno
      13 SEP, 2018
      jordynnmcf- You ruined it, it sets after you bake it 40 min and you dont have to even bake it that long. Bobby Flay's recipe has you let it rest for 20 min before cooking and then only cooking it 15 min. It really set's in the fridge after cooling. I would recommend doing it right before telling others not to make it.
  • philandsherryg
    16 APR, 2017
    The recipe as is makes WAY too much filling for a standard pie dish. I had 1 & 1/2 cups of custard left over after filling my pie shell to the brim (this additional is just brushed off in the video). Made me resent buying two cans of sweetened condensed milk to add up to the 13.5 ounces required in the recipe (we only have the smaller cans available) and then having nearly 2/3 of a can left over. Also with seven eggs this custard is quite "eggy" for our tastes and the lime flavor barely registers so will not be making this one again. I did make six mini lime tarts with the left over 1 & 1/2 cups of batter but there are better recipes out there. Also as others mentioned, I did have to bake for longer than 40 minutes for the custard to be set properly (was about 55 minutes).
  • skyward863
    26 FEB, 2017
    I had 3 of my friends over for lunch and gave them this pie. Everyone loved it it was my first key lime pie and it's now my favorite.Great Recipe.
  • ssoozy
    4 APR, 2015
    Cooked it for an hour and 10 minutes and it's still very wobbly in the middle but the crust and edges are burning,so I'm pulling it out of the oven.We'll see if it's done enough when I try to serve it to my guests tomorrow.Keeping fingers crossed.I followed the recipe exactly!!
  • MS11777693
    23 MAR, 2015
    I haven't made this yet but was wondering if the graham cracker crust needed to be baked as it usually is before adding the filling. Is this only if you make your graham cracker crust from scratch?
  • MS11777693
    23 MAR, 2015
    I haven't made this yet but was wondering if the graham cracker crust needed to be baked as it usually is before adding the filling. Is this only if you make your graham cracker crust from scratch?
  • bewg1954
    14 JUL, 2013
    @Archangels........I haven't made this pie yet but will very soon. I know this Lemon Icebox Pie you referred to. My mother also made it and so do I. I recently made one for my neighbor who had told me about a lemon pie his mother made and how he wished to have one again. This is my favorite no-cook pie. Mother also made a chocolate pie that was better than any ready-made chocolate pie I've ever eaten. Do you make the lemon pie too?
  • Archangels
    1 MAY, 2013
    I think this recipe is very much like a Lemon Ice Box pie that my mother made years ago that I just loved. The difference is that the pie is cooked so you don't have to be concerned about raw eggs. The one my mother made was just sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks and lemon juice from 3 large lemons. You didn't cook it at all except to brown the egg topping (which I cannot spell. (merengue), I think.

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