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This classic Hungarian dish will fill you up and keep you warm on a chilly fall night. A healthy dose of paprika gives this dish its deep brick-red color. If you enjoy spicy food, try replacing half of the sweet paprika with hot Hungarian paprika.

Source: Everyday Food, November 2010
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  • stevensteven-b
    27 NOV, 2018
    Follow the directions to a T and pay close attention to your cooking times and this recipe will be amazing with ample sauce! It was a crowd pleaser.
  • wolfegirl
    25 NOV, 2018
    As a Hungarian ,reading a recipe , all wrong!Dont cook chicken first! Everything have to slow cook together, No Tomato! only add sour cream and flour at the end.Best serve with Spaetzle!
  • benadryl_pumpkinpatch
    8 FEB, 2015
    Made this tonight with Beyond Meat Chicken (vegetarian protien substitute), and vegetable broth stead of chicken stock. Also used the half spicy paprika and substituted a fresh giant tomato for the canned. It was the best paprikash I have ever had, great flavors that really come out, even without the meat element.
    • wolfegirl
      25 NOV, 2018
      I am a Hungarian, and a recipe for Chicken Paprikash wrong.Dont cook chicken first! Cook onion,then stir in paprika , add chicken, ,then broth, cook on slow until cooked through. Mix sour cream and flour, and stir in the stew.Heat through, no tomato needed!Best serve with spaetzlets and cucumber salad.
  • MS11837877
    7 OCT, 2014
    First of all plse don't think of the parikash recipie as true to tradition.I am Hungarian and a good cook. It sounds good but it is not Hungarian. Secondly one make paprikash vegitarian by using meaty mushrooms instead of meat. In Hungary meat was scarce a t times and often reserved for Sunday or special occasions and so other things were substituted.. You can also use potatoes instead of meat, as in Paprikas Krumpli (paprikash potatoes).
    • orosz
      30 JUN, 2018
      I agree, I'm Hungarian and mushrooms are a great substitute for meat in chicken paprikash...I wouldn't use tofu because the flavor really comes from the meat or the mushrooms. I also would avoid using yogurt instead of sour may work in some instances, but definitely not in this dish.
  • vbak
    30 AUG, 2015
    Delicious! I used 1 cup chicken broth because I knew that the chicken would exude it's own juices. I also added three pinches of spicy Turkish paprika. Used creme fraiche because I needed to use it up. Baked in a 350 dg. oven. I will definitely make again when it's cooler out.
  • ChefTBaks
    21 OCT, 2013
    This was good but I have made another recipe that was more flavorful.
  • MS112580279
    19 FEB, 2011
    @ qweendark- There are some great chicken/meat alternatives out there right now. Seiten (sp) is supposed to be a wonderful chicken alternative. Whole foods
  • MS11802519
    27 JAN, 2011
    Excellent!!! Followed recipe exactly and it was absolutely delicious. Reminded us of a little eastern European restaurant in Medford, NJ. Will definitely make again. For company, tho, I would use boneless chicken breasts so one wouldn't have to pick the meat off the bones. Again, wonderful recipe. Advice: change nothing!
  • artmark
    26 JAN, 2011
    My Mom's
  • artmark
    26 JAN, 2011
    My Mom's

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