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You can indulge in this light, airy French treat without feeling feel weighed down.




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  • Gus Maya
    20 MAR, 2014
    I have just finished trying Martha Stewart's recipe for French Macarons. I reluctantly came to the web page looking for the recipe but was surprised at how easy and straightforward it sounded. I was very reluctant because I have tried uncountable recipes and NONE have worked out. And voilà!! Perfectly baked, footed French Macarons came out of my oven!!!! Right out of my first batch. Thank you so much for making it foolproof and sharing with all of us
  • Waanderluust
    6 MAR, 2014
    I've tried this a couple of times, first try wasn't great but I tweaked the recipe and I've cooked it perfectly. I preheat the oven to 160c and decrease the temperature to about 140c once I pop the macarons inside. Also, I make sure that I've dried them out for a least 20 mins. For those that have an issue with the mixture getting too diluted with icing colours. I use Wilton's gel icing colours and works like a charm. As for flavours, I've made French Vanilla, Ganache, Purple Yam & Reece's P&B
  • Svetlana V
    18 FEB, 2014
    1The temperature is too high, 320 max. 2Give the macarons the good rest to make them hard to touch till go to oven, 1hour is enough. 3 do not use liquid colors or flavors, texture must not be too thin.4 at the middle of baking open the oven and close it, it halped not to cracks. 5 use almond floor only and it must be dry, to make it dry put it in the oven on 100f for several min and let it cool completely. And crisp outside and chewy inside is not a macarons it's just simple meringue or beze
  • Israa S
    23 JAN, 2014
    These were a massive fail for me. My friend made these and they turned out ok for her... but they were definitely not great for me. the batter was too runny even though i whipped the egg whites till stiff peaks formed... i'm pretty sure i didn't over mix the batter. no 'skin' or anything of the sort formed on my macaroons.. they spread in the oven as well.. i dont know why.. i made sure i followed the recipe well yet it it didn't work out. I ended up throwing them in the bin:(
  • lynn0502
    5 JUL, 2013
    where is the recipe for the macaron filling? I didn't see it.
  • Amanda Best
    18 JUN, 2013
    what an easy recipie to follow and make. I made a pink Macaron with strawberry filling. So yummy. I will truly make these again. Yumm
  • Rebecca Kao
    6 SEP, 2012
  • Rebecca Kao
    6 SEP, 2012
  • Bliss Farm Antiques
    26 AUG, 2012
    This is one of my favorite macaron recipes. I have great success every time I use it. Light, great "feet," cruchy outside and slightly chewy inside. Yum! I highly recommend it.
  • Mustbake
    23 JUN, 2012
    To get a better consistency whip the egg whites until they are stiff and fold in your almonds

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