Gentle, calm, and good tempered, Himalayan cats are perfect indoor pets, able to entertain themselves for hours with a piece of crumpled paper or a simple kitty toy. They crave affection, enjoy petting and grooming, and are devoted to their keepers.

Himalayans are related to both Siamese and Persian cats, but they are quieter than the former and more active than the latter. They have a medium- to large-sized build with a long, thick coat (like the Persian) and vivid blue eyes (like the Siamese).

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Martha Stewart Member
March 12, 2011
I've always said that Himalayans and Persians are not cats exactly, but more like mythological creatures --- pure love and affection wrapped up in fur! All of my Persians are highly trainable and have learned to high-five with a reward based system known as clicker training. In addition to this being entertaining for the owner, it's an incredible environmental enrichment activity for cats and the latest study show that our cats are much healthier when stimulated and not living a mundane life.