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Associate food producer Courtney Knapp shared this recipe from her mother, Marcia Knapp. Marcia bakes these and her blueberry biscuits for Izzy, the family's chocolate Labrador retriever.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2009



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  • malcolmrobin7
    14 JUL, 2017
    I have the mixture in the bowl and it is FAR FAR too dry. I'm not sure how to even attempt to roll this out. Wondering what I'll have to add to make it roll-able.
    • emilletich
      2 DEC, 2018
      She forgot to list the 3 tablespoons of water in the posted recipe. That may be why it is not binding. It is in video, though.
  • emilletich
    2 DEC, 2018
    It was a hit with my dogs and easy to make, so they are the real reviewers for this.
  • MarciaLouise
    25 FEB, 2010
    great treats to make for your dog--especially fun to do with children!
    • mbergendah5735853
      8 JAN, 2018
      I’m looking forward to trying these, I just want to comment, my name is Marcia Louise too!!! Never heard anyone with that name. Sorry to get off track of recipe
  • hamiltonmasciol
    20 DEC, 2017
    Fantastic! All natural ingredients, no sugar or wheat...what's not to love? We tasted them and know why our dog loves them! Yummy! We substituted the cheeses for cottage cheese.
  • CruiserSWM
    12 SEP, 2014
    the batter is too dry.. way too dry, i added more water and olive oil.. like almost 2 extra cups of liquids i needed to add. i also used coconut flour instead of barley flour.. im sure the dogs will love them, but the recipe needs updated.. i wish i added more applesauce in hindsight..
    • m_ash03
      13 DEC, 2014
      Coconut flour is way more absorbent than any other flour. The measurements would need to be altered a lot if you're substituting coconut flour; that's why the batter turned out so dry. Usually you only need a few tbsps of coconut flour. You could use an equally dense flour though, maybe brown rice or buckwheat flour.
  • jacksonn
    17 APR, 2013
    It is great recipe for my precious Atom:) I think the best thing we can do for our dog is to give them healthy homemade food. There are lots of great recipes in this website . You should see how they prepare great recipes for us.
  • Marilee Chapman McClure
    11 MAR, 2013
    Always looking for healthy alternatives for my fur babies. :)
  • vduback
    27 FEB, 2013
    I believe the recipe may be a bit off. Maybe too much flour? I found the dough incredibly dry and it would not form a dough, so I added extra applesauce. I would also recommend rolling out the dough in two batches unless you have a really large counter. I ended up with 37 biscuits.
  • soupg
    24 DEC, 2010
    I totally agree Angie and Marcia my dogs love these and my grand children love making these in all shapes. Easy and Fun!
  • Angieboyd
    13 MAR, 2010
    My dog Bella. LOVES these. I put one of these in one hand and a store bought one in the other hand and she always goes for these over the store bought. I also love that i actually know whats in them.. and to be honest. If i know that i can eat these, i feel much better as a pet owner. :)

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