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New York-Style Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust

This recipe for New York-style cheesecake, adapted from "Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook," makes a smooth and creamy dessert that everyone will love.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 2117



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  • ScoutMomAng
    19 DEC, 2016
    I was wondering if I could make this an Oreo Cheesecake instead of a blood orange cheesecake? Seems like I could fold in crushed Oreo's before pouring into the spring form pan and sprinkle crushed Oreo's on top.
    • MS12546722
      19 JAN, 2018
      Without a doubt!!
  • bjorko
    22 JUN, 2013
    This cake is fabulous. I've made it a dozen times or more and it is perfect every time. Critical not to overmix the filling (after adding each egg) and absolutely must be baked in a water bath. Cracking cheesecakes sometimes come from skipping this process. Also, over door cracked open and oven off for last hour also critical. Don't give up, try it again, it is so worth it.
  • karenuh
    10 JUL, 2012
    regarding pianoman37's post: your description sounds like you turned the oven off & left the door closed for an hour where you should have turned the oven off & left the door ajar for an hour. I don't know if this caused your problem, but possibly. My door is ajar right now & I hope I have better luck than you did b/c this is a time consuming recipe. But I know it will be worth it if it works.
  • pianoman37
    15 FEB, 2012
    I did all right to a tee when I shut off oven cake looked fantstic opened the door slightly after an hour I opened the door to find the cake went lower and a very big crack this has not happened when I took the cake out when time was done WHAT HAPPENED????
  • MS10285388
    5 NOV, 2011
    This is my 3rd time making this recipe and it is success everytime! I love it and plan on using it during the holiday for a party and office Christmas party.
  • jodelunas
    22 AUG, 2011
    I make this all the time and it turns out perfect. I want to make mini ones and don't know how long to cook them. Does anyone know or have an educated guess?
  • TheKingOfDomisticArts
    30 JUL, 2010
    I made this for 4th of July and everyone loved it. This is a keeper.
  • mchema
    16 APR, 2009
    When I'm done baking my cheese cakes I crack the oven with a wooden spoon and allow it to cool in the oven. After it cools (an hour or two) I let it sit at room temp before putting it in the fridge.
  • aitak
    10 MAR, 2009
    V. good, except i would bake it 15 minutes less, to avoid cracks
  • cmb118
    5 DEC, 2008
    I love the cheesecake, but never seem to be able to get it right. Mine seems very wobbly after the suggested cook time and my top gets dark. I have lowered the rack in the oven and covered the top with foil part way through. I am always concerned it is not done so bake longer than suggested. Any recommendations?

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