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Icebox cookies are really just extra-pretty sugar cookies. Before baking, the dough is flattened, rolled into logs, chilled, and sliced-steps kids can have fun doing themselves with your supervision.

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Holiday



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  • themillers14811
    2 DEC, 2018
    I have made these with and for our kids for so many years. They just called to make sure I will have them ready for Christmas this year.
  • JulieRoseLola
    8 DEC, 2013
    These turned out beautifully but they were a whole day worth of work. I made them with my 4 1/2 year old , not as kid friendly as that. Perhaps if you were making it with 8 or 10 year olds it would be great. Love the flavor and the aesthetic. Will make them again another year but now know what type of labor of love I am getting into. Just a little labor intensive but OH SO Lovely!
  • Alizarin8
    23 DEC, 2010
    I LOVE this cookie recipe! We make it every year. I think that if you prefer a super sweet cookie, then you may be disappointed, but we love these. We make half vanilla (and use a very good vanilla extract) and half dark chocolate. These are a bit like a cakey shortbread. They are a Christmas tradition in our house! Just be sure to chill the dough for several hours (not the minimum 1 hour stated) before rolling. Yum!!
  • jessferrigno
    21 DEC, 2010
    This is the single WORST cookie recipe I have ever tried. The dough is way to sticky, has no flavor, and there is absolutely no way to roll these into pinwheels. Plus if you do bake them as drop cookies (if you can call them that) the cookie turns out harder than dry playdough. :-( BOO!
  • fossee
    23 OCT, 2010
    I didn't have trouble with this recipe. I don't keep whole milk around so I split half 1% with half and half and that worked. Here's the problem with the recipe - it is WAY TOO BLAND - it's suggested for kids and they would pick this up and then put it down after one bite. I am going to try it again either sprinkling the whole thing in clear sugar crystals or adjusting the sugar in the cookies and adding a half teaspoon of almond flavoring.
  • scmacri
    4 JUL, 2010
    I had a terrible time with these cookies. Something in the ingredients just wasn't meshing... not sure if I over measured or WHAT, but they did not turn out well... couldn't get them to roll well without adding a TON of flour and chilling for forever. I finally gave up and just made colored drop cookies out of it. And even then... didn't quite taste right. I won't rule out that it was the cook's error, though. :)
  • mbarnes13
    25 MAR, 2009
    If you make Bull's-Eyes - about 34 cookies. If you make Spirals - about 28 cookies. This is according to Martha's Cookies Cookbook.
  • carlaird
    16 DEC, 2008
  • mommakimbo
    4 DEC, 2008
    how many does this yield? I cant find it in the instructions anywhere...and I need to make 8 dozen for a bake exchange!
  • bonnoslobbo
    1 DEC, 2008
    YES, the dough freezes well! I got all my cookies made, rolled, wrapped, and frozen in November. I do it that way every year. They always taste great, better than anything you can buy in a store! Actually, I always have chocolate chip cookies in the freezer (mixed, dropped, frozen, bagged) ready to bake. That way you can bake a few or a bunch! Very popular with the men in my family! Just be sure to use quality wrappings and wrap very well to avoid that yukky freezer taste.

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