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Anyone who licked the frosting off a cupcake as a child knows the topping is often the best part. These miniature desserts are dressed up with a scoop of gelato instead -- and this time, you get to choose the flavor.




Cook's Notes

Cupcakes can be stored for up to 3 days.

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  • George Silva
    5 JUL, 2015
    Okay, made a few modifications. Added some coconut milk to warm water and used two full eggs. Barely added 3/4 of salt, a little less. Added 1/3 cup of shredded coconut. Made 15 large muffins, there're only 4 left. Everyone liked but I thought they were too dense. I will try again following exact recipe to see if they come out lighter. One thing for sure, they turned out incredibly moist. 28 minutes for regular size cupcakes.
  • MrsCups
    7 DEC, 2013
    This was delicious - I tried it with half the quantities of everything and it came out just perfect!! I did keep it in longer than 17 minutes - about 20+ minutes, but kept checking on it. AWESOME Cupcakes and can't wait to let all try it!
    28 OCT, 2013
    What a winner, light and candy floss like texture. So simple to make . My new go to cupcake recipe.
  • BakingMother
    12 FEB, 2013
    Spectacular! I was worried at first because the batter was runny but they turned out great! Taste great! Texture great!
  • Maria Jette
    15 NOV, 2012
    After a lengthy internet search, I determined that this *must* be the recipe used by The Wedge Co-op's bakery to make their fantastic Boston Cream Cupcakes. I've used it very successfully to make a Boston Cream Pie. One warning: make sure your baking soda is FRESH, or you'll get a flattish result. I don't bake often enough to trust an open box anymore, like most people-- so advise always using a new one.
  • BakingLinda
    2 OCT, 2011
    I wanted to make Mango Cupcakes so I substituted 1 1/2 cups of purred mango for the water. They turned out light and delicious! I iced them with mango buttercream (just added 1 cup of mango puree) then added the milk to make the consistency I like.
  • Betzbaby
    6 MAY, 2010
    I bought white nut cups @ Michaels thinking I would bake mini cupcakes but the Wilton web site says you can't bake in them ~ coated inside with somehting that might burn ! I wondered about lining them first with parchment ???
  • littlemisscupcakes
    26 MAR, 2010
    could this work as a cake? i'd love to make it as an ice cream cake! but unsure if you have to change any measurements?
  • MS10878065
    25 AUG, 2008
    Have no clue as to were she got the pink nut cups but they do sell them at Micheal's Craft store in white. Come to think of it there probably in the Martha Stewart aisle at Micheal's!
  • minnima102
    16 JUN, 2008
    I searched the internet for "nut cup" and "nut party cup" and got a few hits, but I also found them to be called "pleated paper cups" or "souffle cups" and when I searched using those terms I found quite a few places that sold them. Unfortunately they were all white, I haven't had any luck finding them online in different colors. I haven't tried any local stores yet.

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