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This simple recipe yields a foolproof icing for cakes and cupcakes.

Source: Everyday Food, October 2003



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    1 FEB, 2017
    This icing turned out great! Perfect for the cupcakes and an easy white icing for whenever you might need one. This white icing and the accompanying Chocolate Glaze are now my "go to" frostings!
  • juanapalazzic
    6 JAN, 2016
    One question: pastry sleeve (with nozzle) can be used for this frosting?
  • Mrs Miller
    28 FEB, 2014
    White??? Umm NO butter is yellow hence this recipe looks NOTHING like the photo on this page!
    • bunnypoop1989
      7 MAR, 2015
      Yes, I agree! It spilled on my son, Peenie's white shirt and my daughter, Vaghie pointed out how yellow it looked. The picture is obviously a much better frosting
    • AlexiStarlight
      1 OCT, 2014
      Unsalted butter is actually white. If your butter is yellow, it is salted.
  • bunnypoop1989
    7 MAR, 2015
    Feed Martha Stewart to the lions! This recipe was sugar in a mixing bowl. My daughter, Vaghie, and I had to add almost 3 cups of milk to make it a nice texture, and it was still way too sweet! I gave my son, Peenie some to try and he was on the toilet with tummy troubles for the rest of the day. Martha Stewart ruined his day! When I finally got it able to pipe onto my cupcakes, it melted and collapsed, leaving a gooey puddle on the surface of the cupcakes. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS OF TUMMY TROUBLES :(
  • Lynztree
    22 JUN, 2014
    Yes, I can assure you this icing is white and delicious. I had plenty for 12 cupcakes and ended up discarding a good cup's worth. I would make it again. However, my icing job didn't look as elegant. ;)
  • cupcake frosting critic
    2 NOV, 2013
    your frosting was so dry we put in 2 cups of milk to make it not dry!! even my dog doesnt like it and he eats poop! it is horible my whole family hates it! I HATE THIS RESIPE!!! The frosting is so bad before when we only put in 1 tablespoon in it was just sugar
  • madamsmadam
    19 JUN, 2013
    Nice recipe. Pipes well. Regarding the number of cupcakes this will frost, I went with the advice from the review that indicated that this recipe would easily frost 24, though I did add another 4 tablespoons of butter. Still, keeping in mind that we have different ideas about how much frosting a cupcake should have (I piped something a little less than a 'fancy bakery' cupcake), I ran out, leaving the last 6 pretty skimpy on icing. I recommend, from my experience, to double the recipe for 24.
  • Annie Adjchavanich
    4 MAR, 2013
    I think this recipe is great and would easily frost 24 piped cupcakes. I ended up doubling the recipe and had so much frosting left over! I did add a generous amount of homemade vanilla extract to the recipe and thinned it with hot water.
  • rak_amateur
    1 JAN, 2013
    There are 4 ounces in a stick of butter, so 1.5 sticks = 6 ounces.....which = 170 grams.
  • Azka Israr
    29 DEC, 2012
    plz guide me regarding the weight of butter...there is 1 1/2 sticks r i dnt knw how many grams r there in 1 1/2 sticks...plz rply

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