Despite its name, the boiled egg shouldn't be boiled throughout the cooking process—a method that yields a rubbery result—but rather brought to a boil and then immediately removed from heat. Serve with buttered toast.

Comfort Food, 10th Anniversary Cookbook; Martha Stewart Living Cookbook, The Best of Martha Stewart Living: Favorite Comfort Foods


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  • Place eggs in a saucepan large enough to accommodate them in a single layer. Fill the pan with cold water, covering eggs by an inch. Set over medium-high heat, and bring to a boil. Turn off heat, cover, and let stand 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Remove eggs from water. Serve immediately in egg cups -- perfect for cracking and scooping the egg right from the shell. Season with salt and pepper.


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Rating: 1.0 stars
First, I had to discard 8 eggs. Grandma made this for us while growing up. Never, did she mess up our eggs. After throwing out completely uncooked eggs, I tried it grandmas way, as I remembered. I think one problem could have happened, using cold eggs. Maybe if I used room temp eggs, things may have been different. I took out six more eggs, placed in pot with warm water, not hot, not cold, then let it boil. Once boiled, I started timing, two minutes while still boiling. (AKA: 2 minute eggs/soft boiled) Took off burner, quickly rinsed eggs cold water, stop cooking process. Then, broke open and scooped out gently everything inside..... perfectly cooked as grandmas. ❤️ 🥚
Rating: 1.0 stars
My egg was raw. And I let it sit for six minutes after it came to a boil. Obviously, depends greatly upon the pot and the stove, as to how long the water takes to come to a boil. Suggestions Martha, or anyone else?
Rating: 4.0 stars
Only variable is deciding exactly when water is "boiling"...
Rating: 5.0 stars
I used to eat two soft-boiled eggs every morning until I moved away from a home with a gas stove. I've never had any luck making them as well until I used this recipe. I like mine with runny yolks but cooked whites but I'll take a slightly underdone white over an overcooked yolk. I cooked two extra large eggs in a pot with a copper core between steel, let them come to a full boil, then pulled the pot off and covered it with a top that has a single [filtered] to vent. They were perfect!
Rating: 5 stars
Perfect eggs! But you have to follow it exactly.
Rating: 5 stars
Never had used egg cups but received some and wanted to try. I used this recipe and the eggs were perfect! Thank you.
Rating: 2 stars
Followed recipe and I got Hard Boiled eggs.
Rating: 5 stars
A great reminder of how perfectly elegant an egg is.
Rating: 1 stars
Doesn't work. Eggs were nearly raw.
Rating: 4 stars
Good plan.... the video is also nice, but Martha's staff needs to re-shoot this with the presenter cutting the "Soldiers" into more narrow strips! So that the Yolk doesn't spill over the Egg Cup. :-) Soldiers are what Anglophiles call the small strips of bread/toast that you dip into the egg. When serving children, you can cut them and call them by name to their favorite heros or cartoon characters.
Rating: 3 stars
Not quite. I'm thinking the understanding of the term "boil" may be the issue. The water was plenty hot, with small bubbles, before it actually boiled. I had two large eggs in a small pot. Does not say whether to remove the pot from the burner. Just says "Turn off heat". Plenty of room for confusion here. I'm going to try taking them off the heat as soon as the water bubbles and then let sit for 1 -2 minutes next time and see how they turn out.
Rating: 5 stars
No adjustments necessary. I’ve been doing soft boiled Martha’s way for so many years and they are perfect every single time. Might extend the time by a minute for very large or less for small eggs. Perfecto every time. Thanks Martha.
Rating: 1 stars
Way too overcooked. Not at all soft boiled.
Rating: 5 stars
I followed this recipe exactly and it worked well. The moment several big bubbles started rising from the bottom of the pan (as opposed to just simmering) I took it off the stove and set the timer for 2 minutes and ate right afterward. The yolk was creamy/slightly more liquid in the middle and a bit firmer around the outside, just the way I like it. I imagine if you took it off after 1.5 minutes it would be creamy/runny all the way through. (side note: I live at sea level)
Rating: Unrated
This is the way to make perfect soft boiled eggs.
Rating: Unrated
Honestly the easiest and best approach to *soft* boiled eggs. The instructions are pretty straightforward and they eggs came out wonderfully soft-boiled on the first try.
Rating: 1 stars
Great method for hard-boiled eggs. Many recipes for hard-boiled eggs result in undercooked yolks, but this method guarantees firm, hard centers. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm craving soft-boiled eggs and need to go find instructions for how to make them.
Rating: Unrated
Works for me. I am eating my perfect soft-boiled eggs right now. I stood over the pan and followed the recipe exactly. Just as boiling started, I removed the pan from the cooktop, covered and set the timer for 1.5 minutes and stood over the eggs like a watchdog. At 1.5, I drained the pot, ran a little cool water over the eggs and cracked them over for eggs that had very slightly cooked yellow with quite a bit of thickened yellow real solid and not watery, runny. Just perfect .
Rating: Unrated
This is utter clap-trap. I thought the whole process was too much for soft boiled eggs and I was completely right! They were hard boiled eggs!! Want soft boiled eggs? Follow a different recipe to this! Martha is totally wrong here and my breakfast is ruined! Egg tuna salad for lunch I guess!!! >:(
Rating: Unrated
This is the best process for soft boiled eggs I have ever used! I live at altitude and was afraid to take them out too soon. If uncooked they would be ruined. I took a deep breath added a few secs over 2 minutes, then drained them and rinsed with cold water It worked brilliantly!! The whites were completely cooked the yellow was soft. It was heaven. The first egg was softer and the second slightly more cooked. The third was more cooked , if you want them runny, rinse with cold water promptly.
Rating: 5 stars
This recipe is the Best, for the soft-cooked egg ! And we're cooking them all our lives... We came from Russia, and like many Europeans, like our eggs in the egg cups. Cooking them to perfection on stove top can be tricky: 3 min. 20 sec or 3 min 50 sec. With salt in water or without ? And you advice is just to bring them to a boil, then cover and let stand off the stove top for 1 1/2 - 2 min should do it ! I recently learned to boil hard eggs :boil, cover, let stand 12 min and enjoy !
Rating: Unrated
Do not follow this recipe unless you want hard boiled eggs! Martha owes me some eggs as I did not want hard boiled eggs.