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The key to light and fluffy pancakes? Don't overmix the batter -- it should have small to medium lumps.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 1998



Cook's Notes

If serving with bacon, reserve half a teaspoon of bacon drippings to grease the griddle.

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  • info6112798
    20 MAY, 2018
    Fluffy and delicious 😋.
  • chocolatep1736385
    24 MAR, 2018
    THIS is the nastiest pancake recipe I’ve ever made. There is NOT enough flour in this recipe. When you weigh out the flour (more accurate than scooping) the pancakes come out in a more gummy, crepe-like consistency. Yet these couldn’t even pass for crepes! They taste like burnt eggs.
    • tarcardia
      12 APR, 2018
      I just made them and they’re fabulous. Give it another try and use a simple cup for measuring.
    • my2stars1
      3 APR, 2018
      Hands down the most delicious pancakes ever!!! I’ve been making these since 1998. I’ve tried many other recipes and nothing comes close to the yumminess of these! It is important to use quality ingredients, make sure your baking soda and powder are fresh. Follow the directions, do not over mix, leave the lumps or the pancakes will not rise and they will be “gummy”. If you’re using frozen blueberries do not mix into batter add in pan while cooking. Do not over cook. Best at med/high 3-4 min. each side. YUM so rich and buttery! Crepe-like, but fluffier!
  • idejesus307
    10 APR, 2018
    They were absolutely light and delicious!
  • MS10650059
    27 DEC, 2017
    This has become my favorite pancake recipe. I've made these over and over for brunches, including today's at a friend's house. Because of the generous buttermilk content, these pancakes have a lovely custardy texture. As long as we don't overcook them. (Undercooking them makes them hard to flip.) I use an electric skillet for consistency. I usually make slightly smaller pancakes than called for; they flip better even if I try to turn them before they're fully set because they fit well on the spatula. We usually have leftovers, which I freeze on a cookie sheet and then slip into freezer bags to warm up for instant pancakes on busy mornings. Raspberries work nearly as well as blueberries, though raspberry pancakes turn out a bit less tidy than the blueberry variation. I usually use brown sugar, and less than the 3 TBS called for; each diner can add as much sweet fruit, jam or syrup as s/he likes. Oh, and I often use 50% to 100% whole wheat flour with good results.
  • elaine43370
    18 DEC, 2017
    These were some of the best pancakes we have ever had at home! I happened to have raspberries on hand, so broke some of those up, and layered them on just as the directions stated. Wow! Delicious!!
  • MS10213213
    16 AUG, 2017
    Just made these. One of the BEST buttermilk pancake recipes I have found. Light, Fluffy and very airy. The Martha Stewart remark about not over mixing is key. DO NOT OVERMIX.
  • shaferly
    5 JUL, 2017
    Amazing!!! Subbed yoghurt for buttermilk.
  • shimz2210
    17 JUN, 2017
    THE best pancake recipe ever! Soft, light,fluffy and delicious.
  • paulis52
    13 JUN, 2017
    I made these today, following the recipe to the letter--light and fluffy they were not! They were flat and had a raw consistency to them, no matter how long I had them on the griddle. They came out more like crepes. I know that everyone is raving about the fluffiness of these pancakes. I can't attest to that.
  • ALR8565038DW
    30 APR, 2017
    I made this recipe this morning exactly as written and they were the best pancakes I have ever had!

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