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The key to light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes from scratch? Don't overmix the batter -- it should have small to medium lumps.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 1998



Cook's Notes

If serving with bacon, reserve half a teaspoon of bacon drippings to grease the griddle.

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  • athaler783801
    4 NOV, 2018
    This batter is far too thin, and 1/2c per pancake is huge!
  • masonpa
    27 OCT, 2018
    I used uncultured buttermilk, and the pancakes were thin and rubbery. Perhaps Martha meant to state that the buttermilk should be cultured. If using uncultured buttermilk then the amount should be cut to at least 2 cups instead of 3.
  • patewks
    26 SEP, 2018
    I make and love a similar recipe: I combine milk with white vinegar and set for 5 minutes to "sour". I then combine the dry ingredients. Then I whisk the egg and butter into the soured milk and lastly add the dry ingredients. My measurements are reduced for one - they come out light and fluffy every time.
  • dbartley15554751
    27 JUL, 2018
    This has been our families favorite for many years. I like them because they are light and a little different then regular pancakes. I also cater and my clients also love them. I do not use blueberries all the time, but they are really good in them.
  • paulis52
    13 JUN, 2017
    I made these today, following the recipe to the letter--light and fluffy they were not! They were flat and had a raw consistency to them, no matter how long I had them on the griddle. They came out more like crepes. I know that everyone is raving about the fluffiness of these pancakes. I can't attest to that.
    • masterkenneths
      27 JUN, 2018
      Don't give up on the recipe; it's a good one! Next time check to make sure you use full-fat buttermilk, fresh baking powder/soda, and use a wooden spoon to lightly mix ingredients together, and there is no need to sift the prior flour here. Oh and try letting the batter sit for a bit (at least 5 minutes) to allow the baking soda to activate. Your batter should be thick and lumpy before it hits the griddle.
  • shaferly
    5 JUL, 2017
    Amazing!!! Subbed yoghurt for buttermilk.
    • masterkenneths
      27 JUN, 2018
      Yoghurt is a good idea! Sour cream (plain fresh Mexican Crema is an excellent option) can also do the trick as well.
  • masterkenneths
    27 JUN, 2018
    This was a fantastic recipe
    • masterkenneths
      27 JUN, 2018
      oops... posted before I was finished! This recipe reminded me of my grandma's when I was a kid. They were thick, fluffy, moist, melt in your mouth goodness! They are the best pancakes you will ever have (if you make them correctly). I followed the directions to a T and added some vanilla paste (like many others here). Tips for success: fresh ingregiants (i.e. baking soda, baking powder, eggs etc.), DO NOT, DO NOT, I repeat, do not over MIX!. Use a wooden spoon (NOT a hand mixer or kitchen aid) to lightly mix the igrediants together. Lumps are good. Mix the dry ingregiants first (no, you do not need to sift the flour either), then lightly mix the wet ingrediants before lightly mixing them together. Then let it sit for 5-10minutes, even more if you want! Sitting allows the baking soda to take affect. Lastly, these are buttermilk pancakes, you have to use real full-fat buttermilk or they will not come out rich and fluffy. SO do not try to make do with regular milk or low fat buttermilk. So far all those who have not had success with this recipe, it is not the recipes fault; it's a perfect recipe for melt in your mouth pancakes. There is no reason why this recipe shouldn't have 5 stars, and I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart knows how to make pancakes, and knows what she is talking about. So if at first you do not succeed, don't blame the recipe. Check to make sure everything was measured correctly and that it has the correct fresh ingredients.
  • info6112798
    20 MAY, 2018
    Fluffy and delicious 😋.
  • chocolatep1736385
    24 MAR, 2018
    THIS is the nastiest pancake recipe I’ve ever made. There is NOT enough flour in this recipe. When you weigh out the flour (more accurate than scooping) the pancakes come out in a more gummy, crepe-like consistency. Yet these couldn’t even pass for crepes! They taste like burnt eggs.
    • tarcardia
      12 APR, 2018
      I just made them and they’re fabulous. Give it another try and use a simple cup for measuring.
    • my2stars1
      3 APR, 2018
      Hands down the most delicious pancakes ever!!! I’ve been making these since 1998. I’ve tried many other recipes and nothing comes close to the yumminess of these! It is important to use quality ingredients, make sure your baking soda and powder are fresh. Follow the directions, do not over mix, leave the lumps or the pancakes will not rise and they will be “gummy”. If you’re using frozen blueberries do not mix into batter add in pan while cooking. Do not over cook. Best at med/high 3-4 min. each side. YUM so rich and buttery! Crepe-like, but fluffier!
  • idejesus307
    10 APR, 2018
    They were absolutely light and delicious!

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