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For a tasty snack, try these corn cakes from Reina Soler (Red Hook Food Vendors).

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2009



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  • CaroSiena
    15 NOV, 2010
    Hi Martha, I'm so glad that you where able to show our culture with our famous pupusas. We live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, and my parents own a Salvadorian restaurant. We've been told that we make the best pupusas in Canada. I hope you get to come by and try them one day. Next time you come to visit Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bears, you are more than welcome to visit La Fiesta Cafecito in Winnipeg...Gracias :)!
  • anaGM
    14 NOV, 2010
    Dear Martha, I was really happy when I watched this segment, salvadorean pupusas are one of the most popular traditional dishes in El Salvador and they are so popular because they are easy to make and very cheap. One thing that I saw in your recipe is that you added mozarella cheese, here in el salvador we use "quesillo" which has almost the same texture as the mozarella but it has more flavor, because mozarella tends to be a bit blend. You should try using other kinds of cheese! Thanks
  • antadolvillac
    12 NOV, 2010
    We are 9 millionof Salvadorans in the world, 2.5 in the USA. Thanks for spreading one of our 125 dishes cooked with corn. Pupusas are of different sizes and over 20 different flavors. Also made with other flours, especially rice. Thanks.
  • VA12
    8 AUG, 2010
    f cheese, beans, and pork). Thanks!
  • VA12
    8 AUG, 2010
    Dear Martha, My mother and I got to see this segment on Pupusas. She's from El Salvador and her family has had pupuserias in El Salvador for generations. We were both pleasantly surprised up until they added salt to the masa. According to her, pupusas don't need salt in the masa because the mixture of cheese and Loroco ( an edible flower that grows in El Salvador) that already have salt. Her and I were happy to see the debut of Pupusas on your show. I hope you got to try the Revueltas (mixture o
  • Anushka1126
    24 MAY, 2010
    Just out of curiosity I typed pupusas and to my surprise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i found the recipe, Thank you Martha. I love your show.
  • PatPaz
    30 DEC, 2009
    Actually, the drink that accompanies the pupusas is the Horchata, made from dried seeds, or even a drink of tropical fruit salad, Thank you Martha for promoting our culinary pride in your space.... Pat Paz
  • Jorge67
    16 NOV, 2009
    Congratulations to Rafael Soler, Reina Bermudez and her son Cesar, for showing a part of our roots, delicious cheese pupusas a true delicacy for the palate and a delicious dish salvadoran recognized worldwide. Again congratulations dear family Soler and Martha Stewart to dedicate a space and expose the best of our Salvadoran culture. Que viva El Salvador and Dominican Republic Since Jorge Pinel
  • Jorge67
    16 NOV, 2009
  • luisacristina
    10 NOV, 2009
    Dear Martha, In Colombia we have "AREPAS", they are very siimilar to the "papusas" and we stuff them with white farmers cheese or any other cheese available. They are delicious for breakfast with a good cup of Colombian coffee or hot chocolate. Thank you Martha for your show. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Say Hi to your Mom, I love it when she comes to the show, maybe one day I will be there. God bless you!!! Luisa

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