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Ultimate Chocolate Frosting

Recipe photo courtesy of Johnny Miller

Add chocolate to everything from cupcakes to brownies with this handy chocolate frosting recipe. Fudgy frosting is the ideal accompaniment to Martha's Ultimate Chocolate Cake. With only five ingredients, this chocolate frosting recipe is so easy you'll want to spread it on every dessert.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television, Episode 6351



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  • lynn908nc
    31 JUL, 2017
    Love, love, love. I use Ghiradelli and everyone loves it! Very easy and quick to make as long as your butter is soft.( Valrhona was tried, but not our 1st choice).
  • cekutilek
    12 JUN, 2017
    Loved this Frosting! It's so rich and chocolatey and the dark cocoa makes it almost black, perfect when you need black cupcakes!
  • MS11185368
    21 MAY, 2017
    Years ago Martha would give credit on her show and website for this recipe being her neighbor's mother's recipe. It was called Mrs so and so's easy chocolate frosting. (I can't recall her name.) I searched for a long time to find this recipe. Shame on you Martha, for dropping her name from recipe. It's still great and my coworkers always ask me to make this when I bake a cake for them. Give the woman her just credit!!!
    • genevievelarson
      17 JUN, 2017
      This is a different recipe, you're referring to Mrs Millman's chocolate frosting.
    • JayFarrell764045
      22 MAY, 2017
      Was that Mrs. Maus?
  • lhunteraltman
    14 FEB, 2017
    Yum. Halved everything but used 3/4 of the cocoa powder. Came out beautifully! Used trader joe brand cocoa powder.
  • nipau68hotmail
    11 FEB, 2016
    Leave it to Martha to have a frosting recipe that EVERY baker is able to make!! Thanks!!!
    • MS11185368
      21 MAY, 2017
      It isn't her original recipe, she got it from her neighbors mother and it had a different name
  • yamamanchaaol
    25 DEC, 2015
    Lovely recipe. Easy to make and straight forward. I find it too sweet for our tastes so you may find yourself wanting to reduce the sugar a lot. I halved the sugar in the cake and the frosting, and it was still sweet. Tips: Make sure you mix the butters & eggs, etc., in the largest bowl. I halved the ingredients in the frosting and added 200ml of heavy cream to make a half buttercream/half whipped cream frosting. Just whip on a bowl of ice water to get the desired texture.
  • cricketmacdgma
    12 SEP, 2015
    It's a five-star IMO because of its ease, simplicity, and consistent result. Only spend the $ for the high-end cocoa if you're baking for truly discerning folks, because I used it and honestly could not tell the difference in the frosting from plain-old Hershey's and I'm a choc. snob. This goes well with Martha's one-bowl chocolate cake. My son is fourteen and I've been making that cake for his birthday since year one. Frost it with a messy effect in mind. Keeps well at room temp for 3 hrs
  • FtCollinsBaker
    6 AUG, 2015
    This frosting was very creamy. You must use a large bowl. I used a hand mixer to blend it all together for about 2 minutes. Be mindful of the quality of cocoa powder you use; I used very high-end organic powder. 1 cup of the good stuff was too much as the icing wasn't that sweet. I will use 1/2 a cup next time. Overall this recipe is easy, creamy and fun to prepare.
  • MS11344570
    11 MAY, 2015
    I made this frosting for my grandfather's birthday cake from Martha Stewart's Cakes book! My frosting came out well, however it was a bit grainy. I don't know why this happened although I made it the same way Martha did in the video! No one noticed at the party and they said it was delicious!
  • Vanesa00
    29 DEC, 2014
    Do I have to keep the cake in the fridge until cutting or can it be at room temperature?

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