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This recipe for Mrs. Milman's Chocolate Frosting is one of our all-time favorites. Make it with our recipe for Moist Devil's Food Cake.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 1997



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  • jenknowles09
    21 JAN, 2018
    I made this frosting with the moist devil's food cake for my son's 3rd birthday party. He loves chocolate! It was wonderful and everyone complimented the cake. For any experienced baker, follow the recipe, and use your baking knowledge - you won't be disappointed. The reviews that say it is runny were clearly from people who didn't follow the instructions. It takes time to firm up, but it does eventually get firm and is a wonderful consistency! Very light and chocolatey!
  • Chemisfun108
    23 JUL, 2014
    For everyone having trouble with this recipe coming out like "chocolate soup", you are not cooking it long enough. I had made this recipe twice and it turned out well, then two more times and I had soup, too. After consulting a very experienced cook (Mom - thanks), she said to try cooking it longer. So I did. I cooked it for about 45 minutes on a double boiler and let it reduce a little. The mixture has to be steaming and thicken before you refrigerate. Even worked with cheap choc chips.
    • vitaminc449
      4 JUL, 2017
      Yes, but there is a second reason for the soup: some people think that 8 ounces of chocolate chips equals one cup because it says so on their measuring cup. (They don't know there's a difference between liquid ounces and solid ounces). The recipe should simply list the number of cups of chocolate chips.... or, it's going to happen.
  • vitaminc449
    4 JUL, 2017
    I don't know why anyone would want to buy Nestle brand semisweet chocolate chips unless they don't know better. For a reality shock, buy a bag of Nestle semisweet chocolate chips, and a bag of Ghirardelli semisweet/bittersweet chocolate chips and do a taste comparison. Trust me, it's worth the extra dollar.
  • mmsuazo23gmail
    6 MAY, 2016
    Can I store this frosting? I'm making this as a birthday cake. I will not have time to make it the day of the birthday. Thank you.
  • Itsmarrr
    12 JUL, 2015
    I have a question. Once it's set and you take it out of the freezer to use, does the consistency change? I mean does it melt??? Would really appreciate it if someone helped me out. Thanks!
  • Petro46
    17 MAY, 2015
    It took me two tries to get this right. The first time I didn't cook it long enough and it never set. You have to keep it on the burner on low heat until it steams and completely coats the spoon. It will still be soupy. It took me about 45 minutes to get there. Then I set my refrigerator to the coldest setting and after about two and a half hours, whisking every 15 minutes, it set. It's like magic. One second it is still soupy and the next it's perfect glossy frosting.
  • svaret
    23 AUG, 2014
    It is worth watching the "Chocolate Cake, Part 1 & Part 2" videos. This recipe works. A few notes/tips: remove the heavy whipping cream from the fridge about an hour before start, this will cut down the cooking time; you can use non-Nestle morsels; chill a metal bowl and use for the cooling stage; be very patient, and whisk the mixture every 15 minutes until it sets, it will!; make sure your fridge is at the right temp (between 34-40F). My first attempt worked beautifully and set in 2h 20mins.
  • MS11470150
    9 APR, 2014
    This was delicious! I added a little bit more powdered sugar because I knew the kids would be eating it too. They loved it! The only question I have is how much ahead of time can this recipe be other words, can it be made in advance, and how long can it be kept, and should I leave out or refrigerate?
  • marceroni
    22 FEB, 2014
    I am sooo glad that the bad review on this frosting didn't scare me from trying it ... I followed the directions except for the chocolate morsels I went with a richer tasting brand. I stirred and cooled for the 2hrs as directed and it is DELISH creamy and RICH tasting. First time I have ever made a cake frosting from scratch and loved it! Cheers
  • Lady Z
    19 DEC, 2013
    I love this frosting, it's is my favorite Chocolate frosting recipe. Nailed it on my 1st try. The cake was so light it shook like jello. Perfect with this frosting.

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