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Turn the traditional Italian dessert on its head by serving it as a cupcake.




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  • mina_rose81
    11 FEB, 2017
    hi dear martha ,if i cant find marsala syrup,as a substitution what can i used instead of marsala syrup?can i use honey or maple syrup?
    • Mpruitt209
      6 JAN, 2018
      There is a recipe to make it, but Marsala wine can be difficult to find. An alternative is black sambuca, its what most Italians use in their Tiramisu recipes. Its what I was taught to use by my Italian friend from Brooklyn. Its what I will be subbing for the Marsala when I try to make these cupcakes.
  • supriya23242
    26 JUL, 2015
    Can I use coffee Liquor instead of Marsala?
  • robinreactiongrid
    10 SEP, 2013
    I made these cupcakes for my boyfriends mothers birthday. I got rave reviews on them and I thought they were awesome! Everyone asks me when I am going to make them again and if I can double the recipe - they want more than just one. The recipe was a tad tough as I am a novice baker but after making them a few times it gets easier. Worth the amount of effort that goes into making them in the rich flavors in this lovely cupcake. Also makes a great personal layer cake just be aware of cook time.
  • bakaengie
    2 MAR, 2013
    I agree with Megconell. This recipe was absolutely amazing! The mascarpone frosting and coffee-marsala syrup complemented each other well and I plan to make these cupcakes again at a later date. If you follow the recipe correctly your cupcakes should come out fine and if you don't want to use cocoa powder you can use cinnamon powder and decorate it with some plain animal crackers(the ones I used are called Animalitos and are manufactured by La Moderna).
  • cbau1428909
    3 DEC, 2012
    Thanks Megconell for the review, I thought these were marvelous. Booshey-get a grip and learn a bit more about the internet.
  • Megconell
    14 SEP, 2012
    After reading the last review, I also registered so that I could review this recipe. I'm not sure if the previous person left out some liquid or overcooked the cupcakes, but I had great results. They were moist with awesome flavor and soaked up my coffee syrup well without falling apart. I don't want the last review to deter anyone from trying this recipe because they were delicious - definitely my go to recipe when I need a sponge cake!
  • Erin Pie
    6 SEP, 2012
    Horrible!!! Positively HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First off they are VERY VERY DRY even after adding the coffee syrup And I doubled the recipe to get 18 cupcakes. Ridiculous. Not worth it. I signed up just to tell you all how horrible these cupcakes were.
  • MS10882380
    3 AUG, 2012
    I want the Tiramisu Cupcake recipe emailed to a friend but you have to answer Media question.. What does that have to do with cooking and is just a waste of time. If you do not know the answer! Surprise not recipe. Not all people are interested in such trash, nor have the time to play mine games. It is a recipe-- bring it back to kitchen and leave the trash to TV and Video games, please
  • Lexova Zee
    6 JUL, 2012
    This recipe very success on my kitchen. Lately, I love to do easy home cooking and baking. I thought its gonna be too hard for me to make this tiramisu, but I follow this recipe and do the direction so carefully. But then... tadaaa... I'm so glad, I can make it. I'm not an expert but i made it. :) So many thanks for sharing this recipe..
  • MS11009299
    12 JUN, 2012
    Tried these cupcakes as a birthday surprise for two co-workers who love traditional tiramisu. Delicious! The frosting is super simple and will be used as a "lighter" (texture only, probably not caloric...sigh) substitute for cream cheese frosting on some of my favorites.

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