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Edible Chocolate Marshmallow Dreidels

For an easy spin on the Hanukkah top, whip up these fun, kid-friendly treats. Marshmallows form the dreidels' bodies, chocolate kisses serve as the tips, and pretzel sticks act as the knobs. A quick dip in melted chocolate provides a surface for piping white-chocolate Hebrew letters.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2009



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  • Hani Golan
    6 SEP, 2013
    there are 4 letters on the Dreidel in the following order 1. נ (hebrew "noon") 2. ג (hebrew "gimel") 3. ה (hebrew "hey) 4. פ (hebrew "pey") it's an Initials of four letters that means: "nes gadol haya po" ---- Great Miracle Happened Here the miracle מתייחס to the oil miracle that happend in "beit ha'mikdash" I'm in israel and we usually eat special doughnuts with jam or ריבת חלב or chocolate and light up candles everyday for 8 days
  • -Lisa-
    8 DEC, 2012
    I was worried about the pretzels sliding out too, so I made sure that the chocolate covered the base of the marshmallow all the way up to the pretzel. The pretzel also stays better if you pre-puncture the marshmallow all the way through to the Hershey's kiss. The pretzel breaks too easily if you try to use it to puncture the marshmallow or push it too hard. I used gluten-free pretzel sticks, which you can get at Fresh 'n' Easy or probably at Whole Foods or Sprouts.
  • -Lisa-
    8 DEC, 2012
    You can find kosher marshmallows on I used these Paskesz Marshmallows and they turned out great.
  • RebeccaFreitag
    9 JAN, 2011
    I made these for a Chanukah cookie swap and they went FAST! They were a huge hit!
  • MarthaJewart
    15 DEC, 2010
    I found Kosher Marshmallows at Safeway in Winnipeg! I made these and they were a huge hit! I was afraid the pretzels might slide out of the marshmallows so i dipped them in the melted chocolate first. It worked like a charm!
  • PhantasmaGoria
    30 NOV, 2010
    Thank you!! I just looked up whether we have any close by and we do (in Oakville, ON)... I will definitely be checking them out! Thank you! :)
  • SixImpossibleThings
    29 NOV, 2010
    Whole Foods Natural Market or your local Kosher market have Kosher marshmallows. You can also order them online if you don't have either of those close by. Try a natural foods market too..they often carry a lot of kosher products for vegetarians. We have these every year and they are always a huge hit and a quick easy treat to make...and we keep strictly kosher so we always make them with kosher ingredients. It's worth the search for the products to make these!
  • PhantasmaGoria
    29 NOV, 2010
    Almost all marshmallows are made with gelatin that is pork-based.. Do you have a resource on marshmallows that are kosher/halal for those of us who can't consume pork products??

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