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Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream and Dill Dressing

We've given this creamy cucumber salad recipe a healthy update. But it's still so good, you won't even notice! Reduced-fat sour cream (in place of full-fat) lowers the calorie count without losing taste.

Source: Everyday Food, June 2007
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  • Karen29052
    24 MAY, 2019
    I make this with 0% greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it turned out nicely. Added half tsp sugar just to take the acidic edge off, and also added chopped fresh mint and red onion. Next time I would do half yogurt half sour cream. Otherwise, pretty tasty!
  • catharines1
    6 SEP, 2017
    This is DELICIOUS. The people giving poor reviews must be looking for something different cause this is perfection. Creamy yet a little tart from the lemon juice. Highly recommended
    • morganfinlay
      13 APR, 2019
      I make this all the time. Add a little sugar and its perfect! Cuts the strong lemon flavour.
  • vkmcgee2
    25 APR, 2018
    I'm not a big fan of cucumbers but I tried this recipe when someone gave me some English cucumbers and liked it. Thank you.
  • MS11811084
    27 MAR, 2017
    I did try this recipe before I rated it and though it was delicious I prefer mine post just below.
  • Rebecca Campbell
    5 AUG, 2013
    used plain yogurt instead of sour cream, dried dill, added thin sliced red onions. added fresh basil on top to use it up. salted the cucumber slices and let sit in the colander for about 30 min as someone else suggested. then i rinsed and put the slices through the salad spinner to make sure they were as dry as possible. this was delicious, and i have never been a huge cucumber fan. this will be my go to recipe for cucumbers as I am getting them from my CSA share.
    • MS11811084
      27 MAR, 2017
      Intervention, Cooking is all about experimentaion and exploring new ways to tantalize the taste buds and though I will agree that you can't rate anothers recipe without trying it I don't see why she cant share her version and not be criticised or called out over it, have you tried her version?
    • intervention
      12 AUG, 2015
      Rebecca, how can you change the basic ingredients and then proceed to rate the salad on the original recipe?!
  • Sharon S
    1 JUL, 2012
    Made this tonight and my family loved it. Only had dried dill and added some sliced red onion. Did sweat some of the water out of the cucumber as Lizscope2 suggested. I will try it with fresh dill next time but think this is a winner!
    • MS11811084
      27 MAR, 2017
      When i only have dry dill i just make it earlier in the day so it gives the dill time hydrate and unlock its flavor, this one of those dishes that tastes even better the next day.
  • MS11811084
    27 MAR, 2017
    I use 4 medium cu[filtered]bers sliced thin, a w[filtered] medium purple sweet onion sliced in half then sliced down into medium thin slices, 1 cup of your favorite mayo, "Not Salad Dressing Mayo", 1/4 cup of sour cream, 1/4 of butter milk, 3Tbs sugar, 1/2 tsp course salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper, and 2Tbs of fresh dill weed chopped fine. Add everything except the cu[filtered]ber and onion into a large mixing bowl and wisk very well so that the sugar gets completely mixed well, the sugar sweetens the butter milk and sour cream and also bring out the flavor of the butter milk, "If the dresseing seems a little thick add a splash more of butter milk," add onion and mix then add cu[filtered]ber and mix coating all well then chill for 3 to 4 hours before serving. This salade makes a Great side when cooking steaks on the grill or broiler, i love to dip my steak in the dressing on my plat mmmmm better than any steak sauce lol.
    • MS11811084
      27 MAR, 2017
      Apparently the word C u c u m b e r and the word W h o l e are both profanity words now lol.
  • Candice Pauline
    12 JUL, 2013
    It was delicious! I used two different types of cucumbers which added some variety. It does not keep well however, so make sure to eat it all in one sitting!
  • Pam73
    12 JUL, 2013
    Super simple and easy to make. I substituted the sour cream with Greek yogurt and its absolutely delish!!!
  • Jennifer Creed
    11 JUL, 2013
    This was very easy but quite good! Will be my go to cucumber salad!

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