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Creamy Deviled Eggs

Recipe photo courtesy of Victoria Pearson

Deviled eggs are a classic and one of Martha Stewart's favorite hors d'oeuvres. Deviled eggs are crowd-pleasing party snack that are the perfect way to start a casual evening. Make this creamy deviled egg recipe and get your party started in 30 minutes or less!

Source: Everyday Food, June 2007
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  • MS11735812
    13 MAR, 2019
    I substituted fresh lemon juice for the vinegar, added parsley, Hellman mayo, yeooww mustard and no shallots. It was very good and I have made them several times to share with friends!
    • peggyldavis8
      19 APR, 2019
      I add a couple of large tablespoons of sweet relish to the mixture. And sprinkle the top with Mccormick Salad Supreme. It's always a hit
  • carolkelley63
    7 AUG, 2017
    I make my deviled eggs with melted butter instead of mayo. I cannot abide mayo; even the smell of it makes me ill. For any other mayo haters out there, butter works in deviled eggs and vinaigrette works in potato salad.
    • KickChick1
      21 MAR, 2018
      I used to be that way with mayo, my whole life in fact, until I made it from scratch for my husband and tried it. Now I think it's perfect with the Deviled eggs and I don't need to add any vinegar or pickle juice. I've never tried with butter...but then again, I'm lactose intolerant, haha!
  • omfeldman
    7 AUG, 2017
    I used to mash the yolks with a fork and they turned out okay. However, now I push them through a medium mesh sieve, and they turn out fine and "fluffy" and creamy -- with no lumps. It's a little more effort, but I think well worth it.
    • nancyperdue1939
      8 DEC, 2017
      I use an electric mixer to get my egg yolks extra "fluffy". Certainly works better than a fork or mesh sieve, And its quicker.
  • jetro53gmailc
    7 AUG, 2017
    Nothing new here. Creamy? As opposed to what? Flaky? Crispy? And, light Mayo? What's the point? Marthaaaaaa! Where are you?
  • MS10308914
    7 AUG, 2017
    Got an email titled "How to Make the Creamiest Deviled Eggs" so I thought this recipe would have a technique for making them extra creamy. Disappointed to just find a standard deviled eggs recipe. :(
    • MS12476414
      7 AUG, 2017
      I was disappointed, too. I whirl the cooked egg yolks in my food processor (or push through a sieve) so the filling is much creamier rather than chunky. Hope this helps. (I make the entire stuffing in the processor so I dont dirty any unnecessay dishes.
  • sonshine56jsg
    9 DEC, 2016
    I made this recipe as directed. I thought it was light, refreshing and very different from my own tried and true recipe that includes sweet pickle relish, mayo, yellow mustard, paprika, parsley and a smidge of garlic powder. By the way, my grandson has never approved of the moniker "devilled eggs," so he gobbles em up and happily refers to them as "double eggs."
  • mvparrington
    28 JAN, 2015
    This was delicious! I didn't have white wine vinegar so I used red wine vinegar and it was amazing! Totally yummy!! My new go to recipe.
  • Sun Tzu
    2 NOV, 2014
    I spilled vinegar into it, and replaced the shallot with raw garlic and the mayo with greek yogurt. The yogurt is too liquid and has to be reduced to 1/4 cup if you do it that way. The garlic was fine and not too strong. Don't spill vinegar into it!
  • diannam
    22 APR, 2014
    Just another ordinary deviled egg recipe.
  • Liz Leonhardt
    17 DEC, 2013
    Hands down, the best deviled egg recipe I have ever tasted. I am adding this to my Christmas dinner appetizers!

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