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This recipe is courtesy of Gale Grand from "Baking with Julia" (William Morrow) by Dorie Greenspan and Julie Child.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2002





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  • BBW123
    25 JAN, 2012
    I wanted to make some changes to my last comment. I should of followed the recipe. Less filling is better. I put too much and they weren't as dry as I would have liked. Also, make sure you get jam that has less sugar. A great brand is E.D. Smith that I got at Costco. It has more fruit & 1/2 the sugar that regular preserves have. They make all kinds. I used the Cherry and it was fantastic and I used some off brand for the strawberry which was tooooo sweet. ED Smith also makes a rhubarb.
  • BBW123
    22 JAN, 2012
    Excellent recipe. I made it half strawberry jam and the other half cherry jam (my son does not like cherry). You definately need more that one cup of jam....need 2 cups plus for the 9X13 baking dish--this way you have more of a filling. They turned out beautiful and the shortbread cookie on the top and bottom was wonderful. Just had one with my morning cup of tea.
  • Juliacr
    15 NOV, 2011
    Does this really qualify as a shortbread if the recipe calls for egg yolks? This may be more of a bar cookie.
  • Fashionista
    21 JUN, 2010
    Responding to BKGWIN's email.... I substitute Splenda for sugar. 1 c sugar = 1 c Splenda I also use half the amount of butter and sustitute the half with apple sauce. Happy baking !
  • MS12328933
    20 JUN, 2010
    Gluten-Free Flour Mixes - I found this website that has a bunch of gluten-free mixes that you can use and substitute for wheat flour 1:1 ratio. You might have to experiment since the gluten in wheat is critical to some recipes, but I noticed that some mixes have a binder, of sorts, in them. Good luck!
  • MS12328933
    20 JUN, 2010
    I didn't bother with the vanilla bean since I didn't have one on hand so I just used 1t vanilla extract. A good source for vanilla beans and all sorts of spices is Penzeys. They have stores, but I use their mail-order since none are close to me. To the comment about the high-carb count. This recipe isn't exactly on the healthy list. I say enjoy it as it is in moderation or don't bother. Agree with cookieace, shortbread is all about the butter! Perfect combo of butter and sugar.
  • Fashionista
    18 JUN, 2010
    Does anyone know how many cups 1 pound rhubarb is?
  • bkgwin
    13 JUN, 2010
    Can an alternative sweetner be used? The recipe has a lot of carbs! Can you show a breakdown of nutrition and caloric values? I have to watch my calorie intake as well as salt and fat content.
  • muffi911
    9 JUN, 2010
    how to convert this too glutin free - is a recipe for glutin free shortbread using rice and arrowroot flour - then grate it as per normal shortbread - will this subsitute just as easily???
  • pglidden
    8 JUN, 2010
    I found vanilla beans at my local grocery store, in the spices section, for $22 each. Then I found them on-line a Beanilla at: I paid only $3.45 for 3 vanilla beans, plus shipping! I've ordered vanilla beans from them ever since.:

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