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The Original Eggnog

Recipe photo courtesy of Alpha Smoot

When she published this recipe in her first book "Entertaining," Martha wrote that this eggnog was "so rich it needs no accompaniment." It's made with plenty of bourbon, cognac, dark rum, heavy cream, and a dozen eggs -- and it serves a crowd.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 3060



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  • huntinmama1
    23 DEC, 2018
    Disgusting mess. All one tastes is the alcohol, there is absolutely no eggnog flavor at all.
  • scott9716414107
    18 NOV, 2018
    Bourbon volume is tripled, and congnac volume is quadrupled. Definitely do not add all the booze listed. Only requires 1 cup of bourbon and 1/2 cup of cognac. Google "Martha's classic eggnog" for the regular (halved) proportions. I just made this recipe for a group and it was ruined by the liquor volume.
  • enigma29niceya
    30 DEC, 2015
    Martha Stewart's Eggnog Martha, I made your eggnog for 9 people. I might add, 2 of them don't care for it. When, they tasted yours, they were converted! I am contemplating making it for them on New Years' Day. Thank you Martha for a fabulous eggnog recipe! My biceps did get a workout! :-) Linda
  • snowwhite51
    2 JAN, 2008
    This is a fabulous, elegantly classic holiday drink that can be modified a bit and still hold its own! Non-fat organic milk works well, as someone else noted, and you can adjust the alcohol content (and the sugar) to suit. For me, the freshly grated nutmeg is a must!
  • scu
    25 DEC, 2007
    Well kids aint had a drink in my life and not about to start now. I go with the kids and choose the Peppermint Eggnog. Oh so good
  • marbateese
    21 DEC, 2007
    Dear Martha, Your shows are so inspirational. Thankyou
  • granmaboat3083013
    18 DEC, 2007
    Decadent. More work than I usually like but worth it. Don't forget a cinnomon stick to drink out of. I also use vanilla extract instead of booz. Thoes who want can add their own.
  • joycehm
    17 DEC, 2007
    I have been making this since Entertaining came out - I had to omit the bourbon, but substituted 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract. The rest is a must for it to turn out beautifully - everyone's raved about this recipe for YEARS! Thank you, Martha!
  • idahomountaingoat
    16 DEC, 2007
    Delicious! Don't be afraid to lower the fat in milk....non-fat organic is perfect....lessen the sugar by one-half or more is also totally ok...use the bourbon or rum alone if you like....doesn't hurt it a bit....i have never used cognac...might try it this week.....but don't forget the cardinal principles of this recipe....the whipped whites and whipped cream folded in last............
  • tinkerette
    15 DEC, 2007
    Cut the ingredient measurements in half, ie 1 1/2 cups would be 3/4 cups.

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