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This frosting recipe is the perfect topper for Candace Nelson's Strawberry Cupcakes.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 3099



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  • bluemelia-faye
    23 FEB, 2018
    It's perfect as long as you measure it out right.. you can substitute any fruit puree.. sometimes i put rum instead and its delicious.. a little extra puree makes it a wee bit softer but oh the flavour.. my family's favourite frosting
  • Esa Latfullina
    1 DEC, 2012
    I just tried this and honestly its crap ! Its too buttery and you will need to use much more powder sugar if you want a real set does not taste good!!
    • LeleH0821
      7 JUN, 2015
      Is it bland?
  • starrypeacock
    24 JUN, 2014
    I think this tastes pretty darn exact to what you actually get at Sprinkles I wanted to eat the whole bowl instead of frosting the cupcakes with it, and I don't even like frosting. It is a bit soft though so you just really have to make sure you don't over mix and maybe add just a bit more confectioners sugar if needed.
  • Jennifer Cowan Peyton
    15 FEB, 2013
    I LOVE this recipe! I use it with Paula Deans "Simply Delicious Strawberry Cake" recipe and I make cupcakes instead of cake. I also use frozen strawberries in syrup which makes frosting sweeter and not as "buttery" as others have said. With that being said, it makes is a bit more runny. So I add more confectioners sugar. I also add a bit of fresh lemon juice & zest. I have made this recipe many times and have been told I should open up a cupcake shop. Their that good. Hope my suggestions help.
  • Esa Latfullina
    1 DEC, 2012
    I just tried this and honestly its crap ! Its too buttery and you will need to use much more powder sugar if you want a real set does not taste good!!
  • Candace Clapp
    15 OCT, 2012
    I loved this recipe. I decided to bake my own Birthday Strawberry cake with Strawberry icing, and this worked perfectly. Thanks Candace ;)
  • HelloWookie
    14 JUL, 2012
    SO many complainers in the reviews!!! Man alive! I have made this MANY times as it is one of my husband's favorites. I follow it exactly as it is written, and it turns out every single time. I put it on top of Smitten Kitchen's Pink Lady Cake recipe for my cupcakes. Plenty of perfect strawberry flavor. This is definitely one of the most requested cupcakes that I make!
  • Cupcakegirl55
    10 JUL, 2012
    A lot of people seem to have had problems with this recipe, but I just made it and it was absolutely PERFECT! Not too buttery, loads of strawberry taste.I used frozen strawberries & strained them to get rid of the seeds so it looked prettier.Be sure to ONLY add the 3 tablespoons of puree though- I think this is where a lot of people went wrong and added ALL of the puree they made. I also added a bit of pink food dye to make the color stronger. The icing looked gorgeous and tasted delicious!
  • srhixon
    23 JUN, 2012
    I wasn't very pleased with this recipe. I concur that it didn't taste much like strawberries at all. My mixture separated as well; I think the butter should be room temperature and not slightly cold. This is a good basis for other recipes though. :)
  • Elle Martinez
    4 JUN, 2012
    I thought the buttercream was far too buttery and not enough strawberry flavor. I think I will cook down the strawberries next time like others have done. I do have puree left over and will be trying it again. I hope this time the buttercream tastes better and does not separate. :)

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