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Palmiers, sometimes called palm leaves, are made with puff pastry folded several times, then sliced, to create a distinctive heart-shaped coil design. Ginger syrup and spiced sugar make these crisp French cookies festive and fragrant.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2006



Cook's Notes

Palmiers can be stored in an airtight container up to 3 days.

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  • MS112632897
    13 DEC, 2015
    ok. I have a lot of tolerance for Recipies that require numerous steps and are a bit fiddly if the results are worth it. Unfortunately, these cookies were NOT worth it. I just did not get enough flavour to reflect the effort for these cookies.
  • EM1978
    20 DEC, 2011
    @ KarenSR - Once you cut the palmiers, they will become a bit flattened from the cutting process. Pinch them on the sides, bringing the "ears" back together in a more rounded shape. This will ensure your palmiers stay together and maintain a nice shape for baking. But these are a rustic cookie and will do their own thing in the cooking process, so don't be overly concerned about shape. Focus on flavor and good color!
  • KarenSR
    14 DEC, 2011
    Taste is great but how to you keep the pastry from separating? I ended up with very few in palmier shape as they uncurled while cooking, with syrup covering most of the sheet.... Ib ought a high-quality (expensive) puff pastry so i was disappointed. I could only salvage a fraction for the gift boxes I was making....
  • GotIt
    13 DEC, 2010
    @PPPGGG, If you turn the pastry so the long side is facing you, you roll the long sides in towards each other. This gives you 10 1/2" of rolled pastry and 21 pieces per roll for a total of 42 pieces.
  • lemon23
    7 DEC, 2010
    First of all - they tasted great! The baking process was a little challenging - I bought the only kind of puff pastry at the store, which had some seams for easy dividing on it, which I think screwed up the look of the cookie. As they baked they split apart and weren't all in the traditional Palmier shape. The syrup aspect was a bit messy - maybe I went overboard, but during the baking the syrup spread out from the cookie all over the parchment. I would make these again, even with the mess!
    3 DEC, 2010
    Comments not encouraging.... anyway I detest recipes which clearly indicate a finished (cookie) amount which is not possible according to the recipe! (In this case, two 7 " rolls cut into 1/2 " slices cannot possibly result in 3 1/2 dozen cookies!)
  • Anarie
    6 JAN, 2010
    The baking instructions aren't very practical for the home cook-- you would need to raise and lower the temp four or five times. I did one sheet as directed, but for the rest of the batch I just baked them at 400 the whole time. There was no noticeable difference. I also think they look better if you brush with syrup before baking, then flip and finish with the syrup side down. All-in-all, not a perfect 10, but not very difficult and something different for the holiday cookie trays.
  • Joellencurtis
    31 MAR, 2008
    very fidgity, and messy and look nothing like Martha's. They taste pretty good...suprizingly.

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