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French Toast with Cognac and Citrus

Good cooks in many cultures have found delicious ways to revive stale or leftover bread. But the French take first prize with their simple recipe for pain perdu, literally "lost bread," which we have come to know as French toast. Once you've mastered the basics—coating slices of bread in an egg-and-milk mixture and sautéing them—a range of possibilities opens.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2005



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  • dc_olywa
    7 MAY, 2017
    Wonderful recipe. In reading the reviews, there seems to be confusion over soaking times. It should vary depending on the age (hardness) and nature (firmness) of the bread used as well as personal preference. Trial and error to get your preferred results until you become more experienced.
  • nurse12
    25 JAN, 2015
    It was delicious! !!!! That's the way French Toast should taste.
  • ConstantCraving
    7 DEC, 2014
    I'm getting ready to try this, but wanted to watch the video first; in the video, she says to soak the bread for 5 minutes, not 20.
  • Sissiboo Smith
    4 APR, 2014
    This recipe needs to say why you use each ingredient; for example it calls for a teaspoon of sugar in the dip. There are a couple of reasons for that: 1. it helps the toast brown, 2. it tastes nicer (you could use maple syrup or brown sugar for this reason as well), 3. the sugar helps to break down the eggs for soaking, so you don't just get slimy bread. I could go on, but you get the idea. People remember things when they understand them, otherwise a recipe is just a list.
  • GooniesAndy
    27 OCT, 2013
    The reviews on this recipe show that most people aren't really familiar with French toast, and explains why so many restaurants make terrible versions! French toast is SUPPOSED to be moist all the way through, not just coated with egg on the outside and dry in the middle. The center should be like custard and the outside a bit crisp (like bread pudding made with whole slices of bread). This recipe is perfection! Yum!
  • jpagan29
    7 JAN, 2012
    I finally found challah bread in my area and of course french toast was first on my list. I halved the recipe because just 2 people were having this. It is by far the best french toast I've ever had! My 10-year old was in awe.... Delicious, easy and fun to make with my son! The flavors are profound and warm with the spices play well together with the orange....
  • ShawnEC
    10 APR, 2011
    The name of this recipe says it all - perfect. I would not change a thing about the egg mixture. My husband, who is a French toast connoisseur, thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast, cleaning his plate and trying to guess the ingredients. I used French bread and did not let the pieces soak; I just poured the mixture over the top, picked the pieces up, and threw them in the pan. This prevented the middles from being too moist for our taste.
  • Marieli
    20 JAN, 2011
    In Spain we call these "torrijas" and eat them for Easter. Main difference is that we just soak them in the flavoured milk and then coat them in the beaten egg (not milk and egg together). Then we deep fry them and coat them in granulated sugar. Not for you if you?Ǭ
  • bitchnkitchen
    1 JAN, 2011
    When I make french toast I never soak the bread. I just put it in the mixture and quickly turn it and then fry it. So I decided to try Martha's way for three pieces and my way for the last three pieces. Both my husband and I preferred my way. Perhaps it is just what we are familiar with but both of us felt the "martha" way was uderdone as it seemed moist and uncooked to us.
  • thepagemage
    20 MAR, 2010
    The soaking was a lot, and it came out moist in the middle but my husband said that's how he likes it, so maybe that's just how some people eat their french toast? I wish I had read the thing about day-old bread the day before I tried this recipe - my bread was fresh and I can imagine the soaking being less damaging to a sturdier loaf. I cut down the butter (1 tbs. instead of two) because that much oil in the pan seemed a bit much.

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