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Sweet Potato Souffle Pie

Recipe photo courtesy of Gentl and Hyers

Layers of paper-thin buttery phyllo overlap to form a delicate base for a sweet potato souffle.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2006



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  • melissacro7485691
    14 NOV, 2017
    I love this dish, and it's become my signature Thanksgiving dish. I do consistently have a problem though with the milk curdling when I steep the ginger in it. In fact, I buy double the amount of ginger because I almost always have to do this step at least twice. I'd love some insight on why this happens!
    • stelabel9
      15 NOV, 2018
      @mellissacro, I was curious so I found this online: "Tthere is a protease in fresh ginger that acts as a curdling agent. When it is exposed to temperatures about 70 degrees it is, however, rapidly destroyed. I’ve also read that the younger and juicier the ginger, the higher the quantity of this protease and the more likely your chai is to curdle. So the trick is, make sure you boil your milk and water first and add the ginger seconds after it comes to the boil. It will then be exposed to temperatures around the 100 degree mark so shouldn’t curdle
  • MS11018218
    19 NOV, 2012
    Hello - I have been making this for several years noe, but have decided to make them into individual portions this year. I will be using square 2"x2" pans with removable bottoms. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I should adjust the backing time?
  • BarbaraMcG
    6 APR, 2012
    This looks difficult, but it's actually really really easy and is visually stunning. Definitely more of a dessert than a side dish (which is how I originally intended it). Def a show stopper at any dinner party and fun to eat too. Crunchy outside with gooey warm sweet potato pie inside.
  • MS12157780
    24 DEC, 2010
    If I had the phyllo I would be making this right now. I think I will try this filling with my Pecan Sandies cookie crust. I adore the look and presentation of this though and it is on my 'try next' list.
  • MS11018218
    19 NOV, 2008
    I have made this for the last two Thanksgivings and am constantly getting requests for it year round. It's so easy and delicious!
  • tawnyat
    18 JAN, 2008
    New twist on an old favorite! Everyone loved it and has reemebered it too1 I get request! Easy to do!
  • miamlewis
    16 NOV, 2007
    can this recipe be assembled or made ahead of time? Can this be warmed after cooking?
  • Mamabee
    14 NOV, 2007
    This is so DELICIOUS, easier than the pumpkin pie I would usually make and looks beautiful...and really impressive!! I made it for Thanksgiving last year and everyone called it"who-needs-pumpkin-pie"! This is my new signature T-day dessert!
  • wingsandthings
    6 NOV, 2007
    I made this last year and this year I have been asked to make again everyone loved it ymmm

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