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This seven-inch flake, prettier than a gingerbread house or a gingerbread man, is big enough to share -- but who really wants to?




Cook's Notes

Sanding sugar atop piped royal icing gives it an icy sheen.

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  • heathertho7032089
    24 DEC, 2016
    Spicy and festive, and it's still my favorite. But I don't use 6 cups of flour; 4 is perfect. They'll be too tough otherwise and more suited for ornaments than cookies.
  • MS11133376
    7 DEC, 2016
    Yep, this is a favorite. European friends say "Yes - THIS is gingerbread". It's the pepper - it adds a spicy kick. It can be too spicy for kids, which is why I dip the gingerbread men in white chocolate - just for pants or shoes. If a kid bites a cookie that's too spicy, they can lick off the white chocolate. Then the gingerbread men are naked, but - oh well!
  • stella_centennial
    13 DEC, 2014
    I've been using this recipe for quite a few years. I've also dabbled in other gingerbread recipes each year, but this one remains my favourite. Slight modifications: I sometimes have to use less flour, and I always add a tablespoon of vanilla.
  • HennyMa
    8 DEC, 2014
    This has been my go-to gingerbread cookie recipe for years. It is pleasantly spicy, but mild enough for a picky child to enjoy. The royal icing with lemon is a must, as the sweet lemon flavor perfectly sets off the spices in the cookies. The cookies come out hard and have a great "snap" to them when you bite in. They store really well and are not fragile -- excellent for gifting. This recipe makes a really big batch -- enough for several plates to share and one to keep for yourself!
  • princess_44
    5 DEC, 2014
    Hi, I need help. Can someone guide me as to which royal icing recipe should I use for this gingerbread? I am new to baking and not sure which royal icing recipe to use. Thanks.
  • Emilee
    7 OCT, 2014
    I have made this gingerbread recipe every year for at least 5 years. I double the batch and generally get 80-100 cookies. (The snowflake cutter they used for this must be HUGE.) I cannot tell you how many people have told me that they're not only the best gingerbread they've ever tasted, but maybe their favorite cookies of all time. I also use the royal icing recipe recommended. They turn out beautiful and delicious every time. I call these "my gingerbread cookies," but all props to Martha.
  • RAJ
    16 DEC, 2013
    You might try adding 1-1.5 cup flour MORE and refrigerate overnight
  • LCodog
    15 DEC, 2013
    I used the recipe from the MS Cookies book; but the dough is VERY soft and unmanageable. There is a discrepancy between the book and the online recipe. The book calls for 5.5 cups ap flour and 1.5 cups molasses. Does anyone have any suggestions to save the dough?!
  • skytalon
    1 DEC, 2013
    Wonderful recipe! Been using this recipe for christmas gifts for the last 3 years. I usually make these 1 to 3 weeks in advance. After cooling, I packed up in wax papers (3 per fold) and stuffed in a ziplock and put in the freezer. I use a 3.5 " or 4" gingerbread man cookie cutter, so it yields over 50 cookies, I believe. Also after you cut it and put on cookie sheet, refrigerate about 10 to 15 minutes so they will keep the shape.
  • oldie93
    27 JUN, 2013
    They look just like real snowflakes. I'm pretty sure, although I do live in Florida.

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