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To serve, nestle the baked squash into a handful of mache or other tender salad greens.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 1997



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  • chainalelive
    16 DEC, 2016
    Spoiler alert! It's a soup!
  • faelia
    13 OCT, 2014
    Made this for the 'main dish' for the vegetarians at our Thanksgiving dinner tonight, and it was a hit! I got tons of requests for the recipe! The only thing I did differently was add parmesan cheese to the filling when I mashed it and to the breadcrumbs. Yum!
  • BelleoftheKitchen
    15 OCT, 2012
    This was very good. I followed the recipe except I cut it down to 1 butternut squash (it easily served 2 of us). The only problem I had was that the squash peel was so tender that it was easily broken and didn't hold its shape when I refilled it. Otherwise, it was very good and I will probably make it again.
  • PeterNZ
    4 JUL, 2012
    Very good. I added a potato because we are only two people and I used only one butternut. Added some grated cheese as well. Overall very delicious dish Will not be the last time I have made it.
  • MS11608326
    15 NOV, 2011
    I adjusted this recipe using one butternut squash, which could easily serve 4 people as a side dish when you cut each half in two. The end result was really delicious! I started with a small amount of sour cream and paprika and added a bit more to suit my taste. I also used finely chopped scallions instead of chives. I would definitely make this dish again. A perfect side dish for Thanksgiving. Or a nice vegetarian meal served with a side salad.
  • Dan2
    15 NOV, 2011
    The twice-baked idea was a good one but I didn't care for the ingredients in the recipe, so I tried the idea with a savory mix instead. I used parsley, garlic, onion, and anaheim chiles with a generous heap of olive oil for the base, with some paprika, thyme, and ground ginger in addition to black pepper and sea salt. Topped with toasted pumpernickel rye. Thanks for the idea, it's been added to the "repertoire."
  • Dralexandrea
    23 SEP, 2011
    I used this recipe as a guide. The sour cream was way too powerful. I added some mashed potatoes to the filler to give it more filler. I leaned toward keeping it sweet without adding brown sugar (Id just run out) so I used some cooked down rootbeer to make a syrup to brush the top before sticking it under the broiler briefly at the very end. It gave it a unique dark flavor. If you use sour cream, just really don't overdo it- it totally overshadows the lovely flavor of the squash.
  • Lyre
    5 OCT, 2010
    My husband loved this dish and could not believe that there was no added sugar or butter. I definitely think that the idea to drain the initially cooked squash on paper towels to remove moisture is a good one and I'll try that next time.
  • Katpolkadot
    25 SEP, 2010
    I didn't really like this dish a whole lot. I think the sour cream overtakes the taste of the squash. I think next time I'll do the same thing, but instead use butter and brown sugar for a sweet taste, which compliments this squash well.
  • adozeneggs
    15 OCT, 2008
    Once again this was a hit at a dinner party. Luckily i have some leftovers for another night.

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