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This recipe for giant cheese popovers is from chef Laurent Tourondel's cookbook, "Bistro Laurent Tourondel: New American Bistro Cooking."

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November Fall 2007




On "Martha Bakes," Martha halved this recipe to make popover sandwiches with creamed spinach, bacon, and fried eggs.

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  • MarieOfTheKitchen
    27 DEC, 2011
    I was in Colorado (at 7500 ft) and wanted to cook this. But the altitude is a BIG problem with popovers. I tested half of this recipe. To the half recipe, I added one more egg, raised the over temperature by 25 degrees (to 375 degrees), and, after turning the pans around, cooked them for only 20 minutes (instead of 30-35). This worked VERY well! Hooray!
  • soph_rocks_yayaya
    26 JUL, 2010
    I am so exited to try something new and i think this is going to be one of the recipes i am going to try it looks more than delicious!!!!
  • soph_rocks_yayaya
    26 JUL, 2010
    I'm going to try these i'm so exited i'm wonder if there going to turn out well but i know its going to turn out well seeing as its already a FANTASTIC recipe.
  • hmartell
    13 MAR, 2009
    I had made these once before and they were heavy and soggy. This time I cut the recipe in half and cut out 1/2 cup of flour. I also added tth batter to very hot oil and put the cheese on half way through cooking. They were the best I've ever had! They were light, round and hollow!
  • mauidebb
    31 DEC, 2008
    This is for the peoples comments that the popovers are not turning out. You must use whole milk,skim milk or 2% will not work properly. Use whole milk and watch the magic through the oven window!! They will double easily in size!!! Have fun and good luck!!
  • thera
    18 APR, 2008
    Tried them again with no success. In no way looks like the photo. They were still dense and rose like towers out of the popover pan. Slightly less dense than last time, maybe because I beat eggs a lot more. The cheese is just too expensive to keep trying this recipe. Any working solutions would be nice to hear.
  • KittyEllerman
    1 JAN, 2008
    These Popovers WOW everyone! Made them for Thanksgiving, Doctor's Office Holiday Dinner for 20 people (doubled recipe), and last night's New Year's Eve Dinner Party for 12. Recipe can be easily cut in half; use them with hearty Soup
  • celticdiva
    27 DEC, 2007
    The popover pan needs to be really hot! (I use muffin tins myself) I want to try this recipe, but usually just use my Yorkshire Pudding recipe, refrigerate the batter overnight, and put it in the tins. Popovers/Yorkshire pudding seem to work much better if the batter is really cold and the pan is sizzling hot. (I also don't agree with putting the grease in the pans after they come out of the oven - the grease needs to be hot as well.)
  • thera
    13 DEC, 2007
    I tried this for Thanksgiving and they were a disaster. Bought the popover pan just for them. Followed the recipe and they rose straight up like a tower, never fully cooked, were dense (not hollow), and weighed a ton (like roseladys). Ate a couple anyway and figured they'd be absolutely delicous if done correctly. Any hints?
  • migotka
    10 DEC, 2007
    I have followed the recipie and the popovers came out perfect, I have spent some time beating the eggs and used half cold milk and half warm milk. i would recommend this dish to anyone.

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