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Tart icebox cookies make an easy and satisfying dessert or snack.

Source: Everyday Food, January/February 2010
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  • Mumma-Donna
    14 MAR, 2010
    Can you use margarine instead of butter? My son has a dairy alergy...
    • licplate2811482
      7 MAY, 2018
      Of course. You might need to adjust the salt, as I have never seen unsalted margarine, but the cookies should be just fine. I know your son is probably grown and may not even have an allergy to dairy by now, but as I saw the question I had to answer.
  • delightfulgarden
    14 MAR, 2010
    How does powdered sugar work in the taste of the cookie vs sugar? I tried one recipe a few years ago with powdered and didn't like the flavor - maybe it was the recipe itself. I have been looking for a real good lemon cookie like the Lemon Coolers.
    • licplate2811482
      7 MAY, 2018
      With powdered sugar instead of granulated, the finished cookie has an entirely different texture. These cookies will be very smooth, without gritty crumbs and a very smooth feeling in your mouth as you eat them. I love making those few cookie and pastry recipes that require confectioner's sugar, because everyone loves them, and no one can figure out why. As for keeping the cookies in shape, I use a tube with a few slots cut in it, and refrigerate the wrapped dough inside the tube. I have used a cardboard tube in the past, but lately I've seen a plexiglas version of the same thing, which doesn't require wrapping the dough. Wilton's makes it, and I'd search on "cookie shaping tube" to find it. Enjoy!
  • tommylooney
    1 SEP, 2011
    made this, very simple & very delicious when baked off - but ive got a question - how can i make my logs perfectly circular? the log i rolled came out as ovals, not a big deal but is it possible to get perfect circles? or is that only a trick that the great martha can achieve?
    • myk9z1
      7 MAR, 2017
      Saw post that wrapped dough in parchment then slid into PAPER towel roll or Pringles can. Hope that helped!
  • MS12144483
    18 MAY, 2016
    On your initial site the lemon icebox cookies say, Lemon IceBOOK cookies. oops!!!
  • MS11306361
    10 JAN, 2016
    Used the zest of one lemon, added one tsp. of Penzey's double vanilla. I added a combination of course sugar, granulated and raw sugar on the outside for a nice crunch. Won't be buying Walkers any longer! These were better! Came out perfect! Tang of lemon, buttery with the sugar crunch.
  • leilakincaid
    3 DEC, 2015
    The text for the recipe says Lemon but the video is for lime meltaways! :(
  • Bonnie B
    26 FEB, 2015
    A good cookie but added extra lemon juice and zest.Once baked and cooled I glazed with touch of Pwd sugar and Lemon juice. I still feel something is missing next time I Will add touch of Vanilla.A good easy recipe.
  • taraannf
    20 FEB, 2015
    I made this along with 2 other lemon cookie recipes tonight and this was by far the best lemon cookie I have ever had. It was easy to make, it's not SUGARY sweet. It's light. It's perfect, and it was so easy to make using the food processor as opposed to the mixer.
  • MS10685424
    17 FEB, 2015
    The lemon refrigerator cookies are simply the do you keep from eating them all. So good and thanks!
  • theFishPrincess
    15 FEB, 2015
    A cookie I would make again if I can figure out how to make them stay crisp. I like a real Meyer lemon flavor so I up-ped the zest to 3T. And then to make sure my guests know they are enjoying a lemon cookie, I oven-dried 1T of additional zest and mixed it with yellow sanding sugar to roll the rolls in. The crunchy sugar combined with the zest on the edges of the cookies gave just the right punch and crunch of lemon. Can anyone suggest how to preserve the crispness of the cookie?

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