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Honey-Soy Glazed Chicken

Recipe photo courtesy of David Loftus

Honey, soy sauce, and a splash of water make a simple sticky glaze. Lining the pan with aluminum foil eases after-dinner clean-up. Serve these lightly sweetened drumsticks with our Warm Potato-Veggie Salad for a delicious family-friendly meal.

Source: Everyday Food, November 2007
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  • Amy Schiebl-Brown
    14 FEB, 2014
    So simple!! I made this recipe using chicken breast tenders. I also added sliced pears into the pan about half way through cooking. I served it over jasmine rice. It cooked very quickly and tasted delicious!
  • Fireflyjh30
    20 SEP, 2013
    I make kebabs with this, using boneless, skinless chicken cut into strips and threaded onto bamboo skewers. (These cook in a matter of minutes, too! Great for busy weeknight meals.) Yes, the marinade is a bit watery, but caramelizes during the cooking process - so line your baking pan. The marinade is delicious on its own, but simple enough to play with - add some sesame oil, crush red pepper, or garlic and cilantro, etc, etc. And don't use sodium-free soy sauce or it will be bland.
  • HowardIske
    11 JUL, 2013
    I made this last night just as the recipe stated and it turned out great! I left the skin on the drumsticks and it tasted wonderful! It did make a mess in the dish, though. I had to let it sit overnight in boiling water and dish soap to loosen the foil that was stuck to the dish. However, I'll be making this again!
  • Jennifer Annette Sutherland
    13 NOV, 2012
    My husband always enjoys this very easy chicken recipe, very simple to prepare and always pleases around my house!
  • MKWilcox
    23 DEC, 2011
    Made this last night and the fam loved it! I added about a tablespoon each of fresh chopped ginger, garlic, and some sesame oil. The chicken took closer to 45 minutes to reach 165 and I let the sauce reduce in the oven for 10 minutes once I pulled the chicken. Will make again for sure.
  • PinkPosiePetals
    26 NOV, 2011
    I love Martha and her recipes but this one misses the mark. I noticed the best reviews had a vinegar, lemon, or orange juice. I also found a recipe with onions added. I added a tablespoon of brown sugar and took everyones advice and with the garlic... yummy! My preference was to add heat with cayenne pepper and some ginger. Super delicious. I marinated it for 2 hours with the skin side down. Baked for 15 mins at 450 degrees turning chicken and bake at 350 until ready with a crispy skin.
  • arasmassey
    24 MAR, 2009
    whole hen-no foil-olive oil pam, thin butter slices under skin. mix honey, soy, choice of herbs/whole head garlic w/a press into thick "paste" to taste. rub hen
  • homesicksoutherner
    23 FEB, 2009
    Ive prepared this 3 times-each time my family loved it more than the last. Very tasty with a lot of flavor.
  • aytak1
    19 FEB, 2009
    Just made this for dinner. My family loved it. will be making it again and again. I did add garlic and ginger. Delicious!
  • CiaNahac
    23 NOV, 2008
    Also, using foil was a total mess. spooning the liquid onto the chicken the foil got ripped and it was a MESS to clean up. The liquid UNDER the foil was the only thing that actually got sticky, like glue, which attached the foil to my ceramic pan. Also, the chicken texture was awful, rubbery and bland, because it was really just boiling in the liquid. I just threw away 6 of the 8 chicken legs, plus two split breasts.

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