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Cranberry Bread

Recipe photo courtesy of Yunhee Kim

Studded with cranberries, this quick bread is adaptable: Try it at breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

Source: Everyday Food, November 2008
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  • erbrferg
    9 FEB, 2019
    Recipe is edible but not great. If I decided to give it a second chance, I'd chop the cranberries for sure. Maybe I got a pack of extra-large ones, but despite being a huge fan of the tartness of cranberries, getting a big old mouthful of nothing but tart isn't exactly what I'm looking for in a cranberry bread. You usually want a balance of sweet and tart and this recipe, in my opinion, doesn't provide it. There's no flavor except the cranberry, and even chopped I would want to taste *something* in the bread portion. I'll also probably get a thermometer for my oven and see if it maybe is too high. It's old, and one I haven't used for baking much yet, but the crust of the bread tastes dry and burnt while the inside is juuuust barely cooked. But again, that may just be my oven and I'll have to test that further!
  • sandyhillstable
    31 JAN, 2019
    I made it as is several times..husband loves it, and I also made it with chocolate chips..also good but a bit sweet
  • le-soleil421
    9 NOV, 2018
    With 3 kiddos having Celiac disease, the only change that I needed to make was to use gf flour instead of regular and that was the only change I made. I still used 2 cups of flour because my gf flour measures cup for cup. I was worried about how thick the batter was but it cooked beautifully and tastes incredible! I would definitely make this again.
    • MS10170893
      12 NOV, 2018
      What gf flour did you use? Thank you.
  • MS10824243
    17 MAR, 2018
    Been doing it for last months. Many variations possible.
  • rianalkaipo
    29 DEC, 2017
    It's very good but better if half the berries are frozen raspberries.
  • deedeemccauley
    25 NOV, 2017
    Love this recipe! Will make it again and again!
  • Mary2233407
    23 NOV, 2016
    I know everyone's taste is different but I can't believe that some complained that this bread is too tart. The joy of eating this for me is the juxtaposition of the tartness of the cranberries and the sweetness of the bread. I have made it countless times to rave reviews. I live on Cape Cod where they know how to bake with cranberries and have had some natives tell me this bread is better than theirs. High praise, indeed, and so easy to make. The batter is very thick but bakes up perfectly.
    • deedeemccauley
      25 NOV, 2017
      Understand completely! Made this awesome bread yesterday and it will be my go to bread! I can foresee adding walnuts and/or orange zest at times, but for true cranberry lovers, this recipe is perfect!
    • ALR9272637DW
      27 NOV, 2016
      Hi Mary. I just made the recipe. If folks complain about the tartness, use a thin butter frosting. The tanginess and icing makes it the best. Mary can you send me some cranberry easy recipes..... thanks
  • katywiswall
    12 NOV, 2017
    My mom used to make cranberry bread each fall and I have been looking for a simple recipe in hopes of recreating this tasty bread. I made this bread last weekend and it turned out great!
  • ALR8983785DW
    16 JAN, 2017
    I made this yesterday and it is delicious. The only changes I made were to add some sweetened dried cranberries (about 1/4 cup) and some chopped nuts. I'll definitely make this again.
  • ALR4924839DW
    22 APR, 2016
    I love this bread and so does my family. I make it all the time and it come out perfect in my bread machine. The only thing I do diffrent is I add two table spoons more brown sugar.

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