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To make this recipe, courtesy of reader Peter Tannenbaum of New York City, stack the tomato and asparagus in the center of the partially cooked chicken breasts.

Source: Everyday Food, July/August 2003
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You can also use chicken cutlets, which are slices of breast meat, in this recipe.

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  • eric2681
    10 JUL, 2017
    I've made this dish several times and it's a favorite at my house. Not only is it super delicious, but it looks very impressive when plating. Like, master chef impressive. When I make it, I find it easiest to set up an assembly line on waxed paper on the counter and I also have a few adjustments. I also take a moment to instragram it because it's pretty seeing sliced vegetables in perfect rows. First, I use four large chicken breasts cut in half. It's important that they're large so that once you thin them out they can wrap around (or roll-up) the vegetables and cheese. Then, smash each half to thin out inside of a large ziplock bag using a can of soup (or a roller or meat hammer thingy if you're fancy- either way, just take out some aggression on it). (*note that it makes the process easier if you put a small drizzle of olive oil into the ziplock, you'll see why... no I'm kidding, after the second piece of raw chicken goes into the bag for its beating, it gets stuck in the bag - so use lubricant). Instead of using real garlic, I find it easiest to just use garlic salt and fresh ground pepper (both sides) before sautéing the one side of chicken. Only sautéing a single side may seem weird, but trust me - it's a good thing (wink wink Martha) - it won't shrink and it makes rolling it up 10 times easier. Second, I use 2 or 3 tomatoes (depending on size) and cut them as thin as possible. That way, 2-3 slices will roll into the chicken and it makes securing it with toothpicks easier than if you have a large slice of tomato. For the asparagus: I've tried it cut into quarters, cut in halves, not cut at all... it's all just personal preference and really depends on the size of your chicken breasts, but I find that even though matchstick width asparagus looks pretty, it's a waste of time - halve it lengthwise, then cut that in half and go. Come on, it's hard to be a master chef when you've got kids and pets and spouses all running around while you're wielding a knife trying to learn to julienne. Third, I use a ton of cheese. Seriously. The more the better. Like 2 1/2 cups (or more!) pre-shredded from a bag or in the little tubs works great. As you're stacking the vegetables you want it to be melty gooey goodness and not just dried out sadness - so pile on the cheese first along the entire open-faced side, then sprinkle it between each layer, and lastly put a big ball of it on top after securing with toothpicks - that way it will melt in the oven and turn into a tasty crispy Parmesan crown. I read a review of someone who said they used lemon instead of cheese.... I'm not even going to dignify it with a response. The cheese makes this dish. No cheese? Go broil a fish or something. Why are you even here? Also - do yourself a favor and line the pan with parchment paper so you're not spending the night scrubbing burnt cheese off the pan. Lastly, give yourself a pat on the back - you master chef.
  • caseyzena
    13 MAY, 2015
    Can this dish be made ahead of time and warmed up at dinner?
  • Jennifer Wawryk
    17 JUL, 2013
    Fantastic! The entire family loved this and it made me look like a super cook :) I did add a dash of garlic powder to the uncooked side of the chicken prior to rolling for extra flavor. Thank you Martha for one outstanding dish!
  • sunnylass
    2 APR, 2012
    OUTSTANDING. I made this as per the recipe with two modifications. I used a 3 cheese blend instead of the parmesian - used a parm, asiago and regina blend. Also used the previously posted suggestion of lemon juice over the top of the rolls while baking. Left the lemon wedges on top of some of the rolls. Very tasty. My guys loved it and they are NOT big asparagus fans.
  • IvyandOats
    7 JUL, 2010
    A very tasty dish! My first time using a 'meat mallet' to pound out the chicken breast (make sure you use the plastic wrap). Very tender, looks very nice on dinner plate. Used Asiago cheese and squeeze fresh lemon over the breasts for added zing. Will make again, but maybe with different filling (ham and onion?) Yum!
  • NancyMadeline
    5 JUL, 2010
    Great idea, Morgan. I love lemon with chicken and veal.
  • Morgan8317
    18 FEB, 2010
    To make this healthier I didn't use any cheese. Instead I cut a thin slice of lemon and to put on top of the chicken while it baked. Then when it was done I took the lemon off and it gave the chicken a nice flavor!
  • Morgan8317
    18 FEB, 2010
    To make this healthier I didn't use any cheese. Instead I cut a thin slice of lemon and to put on top of the chicken while it baked. Then when it was done I took the lemon off and it gave the chicken a nice flavor!

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