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These crunchy cookies are wonderful on their own or when paired with your favorite ice cream.

Source: Everyday Food, March 2009
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Cook's Notes

This dough needs to chill for a couple of hours before baking, but you can also leave it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and bake when you like. If you like, you can substitute almonds for the pecans and lemon zest for the orange zest. Or make a sandwich by spreading a layer of melted chocolate between two cookies.

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  • donniesmith05y
    4 DEC, 2016
    According to the comments these cookies are the best ever made, the worst ever made, make too many , dont make enough, popular, greasy, oval, round and perfect. Yikes food reviews are so funny. We have made this recipe 10-12 times. always perfect and amazing. usually makes 75. I love to drizzle them with dark or white chocolate, make little sandwiches with a not too sweet grand mariner cream cheese filling and use them as garnish for mousse, ice cream, etc
  • consommation
    18 FEB, 2014
    Hey! this recipes is just so awesome. I've just done my cookies like you have recommanded and really it is so delicious. My daughter really like. Thank you very much for sharing this stuff with us. credit à la consommation
  • MolitorMolitor
    21 DEC, 2012
    Just made these for my cookie tins. They turned out awesome & they were gobbled up. I upped the Orange zest to 2 t. Also did all my measurements for butter, flour and nuts by weight instead by volume. They were a tiny bit greasy when warm but as soon as they finished cooling they were just right.
  • Victoriafgna
    21 DEC, 2012
    (I got cut off) I then tried different bake times...different temp times trying to solve the problems...but after tasting them...I gave up and threw them all away. The orange in my opinion is gross. I suppose its an acquired taste to enjoy orange flavored toffee. Trust this review. Terrible recipe. Terrible.
  • Victoriafgna
    21 DEC, 2012
    I made an account just to say how terrible this recipe is. I wasted time and money and well, i'm not very happy at the moment. I have 10 tins of Christmas cookies to make and now I need to whip up a different recipe as this one failed miserably. They turned out oval like other reviewers stated which i just reshaped them while hot with a spatula...i moved on. As I allowed them to cool I realized they were COVERED in grease. I put them on paper towels hoping that would It didn't.
  • jonesiegal
    22 DEC, 2011
    I grew up eating these from our town bakery and have always wanted to know how to make them. I use dark baking pans so I did have to turn the temp down to 325 and I still was only able to bake them for 7 1/2 minutes but they turned out marvelous. Considering our bakery charges. .60 a piece for the wonderful cookies I am happy to now have a recipe I can work with. Thanks ever so much. Make sure you put the rest of the balls back in the refrigerator between bakings so they don't get to soft.
  • scissorqueen
    15 DEC, 2010
    These were THE BEST cookies! Every year at Christmas time I make a treat for my clients and my kids teachers...this year it was these cookies. You have to be careful how big you make the ball of dough as it spreads so much when it cooks. If they do happen to spread together I take a metal spatula while they are still hot and separate them and make them as circular as possible. Honestly...nobody cares what shape they are...they are so good!
  • elsiebee2
    11 DEC, 2010
    These were the WORST cookies ever! Everything melded into one giant greasy rectangle. I wouldn't recommend them.
  • Nancy32408
    27 OCT, 2010
    Made these today. They are NOT a cookie but taste like a thin, crispy pecan brittle. Very pretty. Would be great accompanied with vanilla ice cream. They do make 50 plus. Use 1/2 tablespoon of dough. Only put 6 on parchment paper. Roll the rest and keep in fridge. Cool completely. Make sure to brown edges. Undercooking makes them doughy/soft and never crisp up.
  • Kbanar
    7 JUN, 2010
    I made these cookies yesterday. They are delicious...however I did not get anywhere near 55 cookies...I do find Martha's yields to be WAY off. I tried rolling them...and it worked great...have them in the freezer waiting for an occasion to fill them.

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