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Bake these delicate cookies during the weekend, and enjoy them throughout the week.

Source: Everyday Food, March 2004
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Cook's Notes

Store these cookies for up to one week in an airtight container at room temperature.

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  • dellanpineda
    3 MAR, 2018
    I made these today. They were the most easiest cookies with the littlest of ingredients. They were crisp and tasty!! Just sweet enough and my granddaughter loved them. I feel that these are low in calories and sugar for those watching their weight and sugar intake. I’ll be making these often.
  • MS11627153
    21 OCT, 2017
    Gluten-free variation: omit wheat flour and use 2 tablespoons gluten-free oat flour.
  • Ready-to-Try-New-Things
    27 SEP, 2013
    I wanted a quick, simple cookie recipe to serve a friend who was dropping by for tea in an hour. The cookies were cooling off when she arrived and were a perfect delicate cookie to accompany tea. I made them with half-salted butter but otherwise followed the recipe exactly as written, however I took them out after only 10 minutes. These are not your after-school snack cookies, but are perfect for when you want something delicate and elegant.
  • MS112571999
    2 SEP, 2013
    Just made these. They were yummy! Great for when you want to throw something together last minute. Here's what I changed: 1/8 teaspoon salt (although I think others used salted butter which caused the problem) 1/4 teaspoon almond extract and 3/4 teaspoon vanilla Brown sugar versus white Doubled the recipe and still wasn't that much, but perfect for what I needed. Used tablespoon sized balls (made 12 cookies total) Drizzled melted chocolate on top. May try peppermint for almond next time. Enjoy
  • Grce
    30 SEP, 2012
    Good part - easy to make and very quick. Bad part - The cookies were a little dissapointing. I trippled the recipe and used a little more vanilla. However the yield could barely handle 20 people. For flavor, the cookies were a little salty at best. I made whipped cream, and that helped extend the batch and cut the salt, but I needed a quick recipe that could cover ~40 people and the whipped cream added another 30min onto the cooking.
  • gr8cakes
    20 NOV, 2011
    I love these cookies. They are so simple and easy to make and my family loves them too. I doubled the recipe to make more cookies.
  • Kektklik
    19 OCT, 2011
    Perfect size for cookies within cookies. I put these inside of the oatmeal-applesauce cookies.
  • jenniealice1357
    18 SEP, 2011
    These little cookies were ok, but the yield is way off. I was very conservative with each teaspoon, and still could only stretch a total of 12 cookies out of the batch. I used dark brown sugar, which really boosted the caramel flavor. Next time I'll double the batch and perhaps add a spice such as cardamom or cinnamon for a kick.
  • lghiglio
    9 SEP, 2011
    I enjoy making cookies for my grandchildren and this cookies are one of their favorites. cbrandt, I always have to make more than the recipes are for. You just have to multiply.
  • cbrandt
    8 SEP, 2011
    This is a nice little cookie although I agree about adding some cinnamon. What I am finding most frustrating, however, are the tiny recipes. So many of the recent cookie recipes are for maybe 2 dozen cookies. If I want to make these to take to work, I have to calculate more than one batch. I would like to see some recipes that make more cookies and extras could be frozen. These recipes are too impractical.

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