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Stewing is a three-step process: Brown the meat, add aromatics, seasonings, and a generous amount of liquid, and then simmer on the top of the stove until the chicken is tender.

Source: Everyday Food, May 2009
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  • Hawaiianboo
    12 DEC, 2014
    This was very bland. Ugh. I don't even know how to fix it. I am eating it now. Probably wouldn't make it again. I've made this dish before using another recipe but I couldn't find it so I tried this one. I don't know people. If you like bland, then this is for you. I tried to like it.
  • Classy Kassie
    30 AUG, 2014
    To say there is nothing Jamaican about this recipe is a bit harsh. I must admit in Jamaica we cook our Curry Chicken a bit more complex and sans the peas and coconut milk in some parts of Jamdung. I was raised Jamaican I just made this dish tonight. Ive recently been putting a tip of coconut milk in my dish and i find it gives the chicken more depth and thickness. May I suggest the best curry to use is BetaPak, Chief or Choice (in that order). And add a bit of curry powder to the oil 4 browning
  • abbymarian
    22 SEP, 2013
    I loved this recipe! I can't speak to the flavor of the original recipe, because I made some modifications. Similar to some of the other reviewers - I added veggie stock instead of water for more flavor, added a little extra thyme/cumin and used cubed chicken breast instead of bone-in chicken. It was great! I definitely want to try the recipe again with maybe a few other types of veggies.
  • Babadoo
    24 MAR, 2013
    I'm really sorry but I find it rather insulting to even suggest that this is jamican chicken curry please remove the "Jamaican" part cos I have never eaten curry like that in my life it looks like watered chicken we season out chicken first then add the other ingredients at the same time no coconut milk is added are you confused with some other curry
  • jujulovesbaking
    19 JAN, 2013
    I feel compelled to say that there is nothing Jamaican about this recipe. First of all, Jamaican curried chicken (not chicken curry btw) is extremely yellow, not this pale watered-down color. Not sure if you specifically need Jamaican curry powder, but it does make a difference in taste and color. Also, it's not supposed to be sweet so i'm not sure why coconut milk is included as an ingredient. Same with baby peas. Anyway, my intention is not to be negative, just wanted to clarify.
  • micheline1
    1 APR, 2012
    Uninteresting and very disappointing!
  • teachermum
    4 NOV, 2011
    Yummy! My 6 yo daughter loves indian/asian food so we tried this recipe and loved it! We will definitely make it again soon.
  • ama888
    3 NOV, 2011
    If you're allergic to coconut, you can use soy creamer as a substitute. I do this when something calls for a nut milk. You could add a little agave or sugar to sweeten.
  • Lkrebs
    27 OCT, 2011
    This was DELICIOUS. Like, good-enough-to-satisfy-my-craving-for-my-favorite-Thai-restaurant good. That said, I didn't follow the recipe exactly. First, I couldn't find Jamaican curry, so I bought Spice Islands brand "Spicy Curry Powder." I used four tablespoons instead of three and chicken broth instead of water. I also cubed the chicken before browning. Next time I'll use snow peas and red bell peppers rather than the peas - they were too sweet. Next time will be VERY soon!
  • ama888
    24 OCT, 2011
    The first time I made this 2 years ago, I thought it was terribly bland. This time around I changed a few things. I purchased Jamaican Curry from Amazon, I used a can of coconut milk that said for cooking. I also added a little bit more cumin and thyme. Instead of water I used vegetable stock. It had SO MUCH flavor this time, it was GREAT! I'm not sure about the chicken being over done. I don't eat chicken, but I tend to over cook it any way so I don't give my husband food poisining.

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