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Get a head start on dinner with this fresh take on a slow-simmered, all-in-one meal that makes clean-up a breeze.

Source: Everyday Food, October 2008
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Cook's Notes

Oven method: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In step 1, use a 5-quart Dutch oven or ovenproof pot with a tight-fitting lid; add 2 cups water. Cover; bake until roast is tender, 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Proceed with step 3.

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  • morganlovestosi
    12 APR, 2018
    This is my favorite slow cooker pot roast recipe and I have tried quite a few. It's easy and tastes delicious. I always search for this recipe when I'm craving roast. It's good as-is, but sometimes I'll sprinkle a pack of onion soup mix on top. Yum!
  • sicaplan33
    31 MAR, 2018
    I never review anything, I never post, but this roast was a huge hit for my family's Passover dinner. It was a risk to randomly try a new recipe but there was so much food it was ok and it was our first year hosting with family coming a good distance away. I doubled the worcheschire sauce and added 4 tbls of red wine like some reviews recommended everything else was the exact recipe. Again it was great and couldn't have been easier.
  • jralyea9649
    17 MAR, 2018
    I'm making this now, reason for only one star but I have to agree with Jeff, the carrots regardless of where they are placed as I've made similar before, just plain mush. I threw in a few carrots for flavor but before this is done, I will either steam some carrots or remove the carrots that are in the slow cooker and replace with new about an hour before done, maybe less. Playing with it. Same reason I don't put potatoes in my pot roast, I make mashed. I like my veggies aldente....
  • jeffclearwater
    14 JUN, 2017
    The poor carrots! There is absolutely no reason to cook them for six or ten hours. They will be mush and have no carrot taste. I can't believe that recipes like this are being published.
    • nyrandia
      14 OCT, 2017
      Also the video says to cook 5 hrs on high and 8 hrs on low for slow cooker. I agree that the times mentioned in the written recipe are wrong. I guess the editor was not paying attention because the written timing that is posted is way too long even for the roast
    • nyrandia
      14 OCT, 2017
      I meant to say it’s all about the placement order and temperature you choose
    • nyrandia
      14 OCT, 2017
      First of all it says 5-8 hrs and it is all in the placement. Follow the placement order and buy organic and they will not loose flavor or be too soft. Watch the video and pay attention. You are always free to cook how you like and share what works for you rather than freak out about it.
    • Slyhuckster
      20 JUL, 2017
      Jeff, the point is to infuse the vegetables with the taste of the dish, and for the vegetables to flavor the entire dish. If the seasoning is well-executed, it's a great way to to enjoy the products. It doesn't sound as though you followed the recipe well. Did you actually taste it? I have just made the dish, and it was very pleasant. Defat the liquid, correct the juice for salt and acid, don't overcook, don't use more than 1 cup of liquid to start. I halved potatoes and arranged on the bottom of the cooker as a platform for everything else and to keep the roast from falling apart during cooking. Serve a couple of ounces of beef, some carrot and onion and even a potato half over noodles or jasmine rice. Garnish with some lime juice and your favorite fresh herbs and/or some finely sliced green onion and even try some diced radish or grated horseradish.
  • sjconnell19gma
    9 APR, 2017
    simple and perfect every time - I admit I was surprised at how delicious this was. I have never made pot roast without browning the meat, but this works!
  • pkasimirs
    6 MAR, 2017
    The video appears to be brisket and not a chuck roast. Would think either cut would be good but the chuck roast would fall apart whereas the brisket will be tender and can be sliced.
  • jodimcelwee
    24 FEB, 2017
    This is the best basic pot roast recipe I've ever had. I was skeptical as I tend to use a lot of [filtered]es and herbs when I cook, but this really doesn't need any other ingredients to be fantastic. I've also made this adding some potatoes and mushrooms as well as the carrots and onions since we love veggies, and it's still perfect.
  • dale_38hotmail
    17 AUG, 2016
    Next time I'll use less worcestershire sauce. The recipe was good but the amount of worcestershire sauce left an aftertaste and unpleasant sensation in my mouth and throat after the meal was finished.
  • gocatwoman
    5 MAR, 2016
    wouldn't it be easier whisk corn starch and water together then put in slow cooker just sayin
  • imaginetr
    22 JAN, 2016
    Prep = A, Ingredients = A, Cooking ease = A+, Vegetable result = B, Roast result = C, Overall Appearance = B, Au Jus = C Trying to expand our dinner selections for our family of 2 adults + 3 kids. Everything done to prepare this to cook was super easy. Cooking was even easier in the slow cooker. The results however, would make me look for other recipes and/or try my own seasoning variations. The roast, carrots & onions all turned out great in appearance & texture. The taste fell well short.

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