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Baked-Eggplant Parmesan

Recipe photo courtesy of Minh + Wass

Choose firm, smooth eggplants. We bake rather than fry ours for less mess and less fat.

Source: Everyday Food, December 2003
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  • ALR10664897DW
    10 MAR, 2019
    So good! I was afraid it wouldn't be as good as when the eggplant is fried, but it was just as good or even better. I will definitely be making it this way from now on.
  • sea08002
    13 FEB, 2019
    It was delicious. I just followed the recipe. Thank you for a new family favorite!
  • deb6ri
    4 FEB, 2019
    I rated it 5 star , but wouldn't let me put the stars in. I will not rate anymore. This has happened twice
  • ekibis7
    12 NOV, 2018
    Omg!!! This recipe was amazing... SO EASY .
  • leeaerb
    7 JUL, 2018
    Recipe forgets to tell people that the eggplant has to soak in saltwater for an hour or two. Also, I don't use parmesan in my breadcrumbs as parm can get greasy. I add other things to my breadcrumbs like garlic powder and Tony Chachere's seasoning. Also, just throw away the measurements for this recipe. You don't need EXACTLY 1/2 a cup of cheese and EXACTLY 2 cups of sauce. Silly. Throw the sauce in the bottom of the pan until it's covered. Put your eggplant in, more sauce until they are covered and then as much darn cheese as you want. Play with the flavors YOU want to bring out. I really only look at the recipe for recommended cook temps and times.
    • MS12101570
      26 OCT, 2018
      Soaking in saltwater is no longer necessary as eggplant has been bred to no longer have bitterness. I never soak mine and it is just fine.
    • maureen46061
      29 JUL, 2018
      I have made this many times. I have never soaked the eggplant in saltwater, and it turns out just fine. But yes, I also don't worry much about the measurements, and I use my own sauce.
    • CKL18798175
      24 JUL, 2018
      THANK YOU for noting this: I was just reading it thinking, wait...
  • shawnhghs1
    12 MAR, 2018
    first time i baked this. gross gross gross, never again. wanna know what it tastes like? take a big bite of raw eggplant, this was NOT a good thing!!
    • MS12101570
      21 OCT, 2018
      You have to cut the eggplant thin - and make sure it's cooked. This recipe is loved by my family member who doesn't like eggplant and it's because I slice it thin so that it is COOKED thoroughly. Also a high quality marinara makes a difference.....dont use some cheap stuff. Use extra cheese also......this is a delicious dish when cooked correctly.
    • leeaerb
      7 JUL, 2018
      You have to soak the eggplant in saltwater for a while before you start this process. I usually soak it for an hour or two. Then, you bake it. If you find that it still isn't flavorful and tender after you bake it at the 400 degrees for 20 minutes, put it back in. Also, measurements aren't really necessary for this recipe. Use as much spice in your breadcrumbs as you like. I also wouldn't use the parm with the breadcrumbs, that can make it greasy. Use garlic powder and Tony Chachere's instead. Pile on the Mozzerella, use a flavorful sauce, add diced garlic and oregano. Add flavors that you enjoy. Trust me, instinct always makes a dish better.
    • cyv3480
      30 APR, 2018
      Maybe you were the problem. Its not the recipe its the cook.
  • braasch3405yah
    3 JUN, 2018
    I’m gluten intolerant...I used gluten free bread crumbs! Delicious!
    • loujensen11
      8 SEP, 2018
      I made the eggplant recipe just the way it shows and turned out delicious:)
    • ddial6
      6 AUG, 2018
      We make this as a meatless meal option and both my husband and I love it! There’s always enough leftover to have for lunch the following day too. I’ve switched it up a few times adding minced garlic, red pepper flakes, fresh basil, etc. It is essential to bake the eggplant for just the right amount of time so that it maintains its baked texture in the end. Will continue to make this again and again.
  • MS10583864
    18 FEB, 2018
    I followed the recipe almost exactly. I used seasoned breadcrumbs and omotted the seasonings. Easy and delicious! I'm curious as to anyone has frozen and how that turned out (how long to bake after, at what temperature).
    • arrapwoodson
      10 APR, 2018
      This recipe was delicious!
  • jenncummings94
    8 JAN, 2018
    Very good recipe and a family hit! Great as a left over too.
  • donnadanie8048385
    26 JUN, 2017
    It was very good. Clean and not greasy at all. Much better than frying. I would add some garlic in the future and use fresh oregano and basil if possible.

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