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Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Chip Frosting

Recipe photo courtesy of Con Poulos

An easy way to add a chocolaty crunch to your cupcakes.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2009



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  • Dawn Fino
    1 FEB, 2015
    I used 2 cups mini chips, mixed with 1/4 cup of the flour. To reduce sweetness I increased the salt to 1/2 tsp. Baked for 18 minutes. Bake time really depends on your oven. They came out perfect!
  • Mommapajama1
    26 MAR, 2014
    Cupcakes were delicious, wouldn't change a thing. On the chocolate chips settling to the bottom: the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book has the same recipe, and uses this trick: hold back 1/4 cup of the flour and mix with the chocolate chips before folding them into the batter.
  • momisan
    24 FEB, 2014
    I just tried this recipe for my daughter's birthday that is happening in a few days. It is delicious, fluffy, moist, everything I wanted from a cup cake and my daughter loved it. But, I want to improve something: the chocolate chips all sunk. Did it happen to you as well? I actually didn't make the full recipe, so, may be the reduction of the ingredients is not proportional and my batter ended up too soft? I will appreciate your comments.
  • Bunnycas
    2 FEB, 2014
    These are very decadent and rich! I accidentally mixed the sugar with the dry ingredients and didn't whip the egg whites. They still came out light, fluffy, and delicious. After they baked, I brushed them with a little simple syrup to keep moist. I agree with cutting back on the chocolate chips. Overall, very unique and delicious.
  • Ramgiri12
    30 NOV, 2013
    These cupcakes were TERRIBLE. I cooked them for 20 min., checking every 5 min. By the time the 20 min. were done, they were SO BURNT and bad. I was baking them for a party, but they turned out so bad, I couldn't even take them. If you are looking for a cupcake recipe to make on this website, DO NOT bake this one. I recommend the Red Velvet Cupcakes. Your time will be better spent: trust me.
  • kate05
    25 OCT, 2011
    these cupcakes look really good but at the same time they are much too sweet, they taste just like butter and sugar...and you don't need that much chocolate chips
  • tabi7
    18 OCT, 2011
    REALLY wanted to love these cupcakes...but didn't. Made them for a baby shower I hosted, and they ended up being the DRIEST cupcakes I've ever made. They weren't overcooked, and I'm fairly sure I can attirbuite the driness to the use of egg whites, which instead of making the batter light and fluffy made it extremely dry. Would not recommend.
  • VanessasKitchen
    7 AUG, 2011
    These were...well, okay. They just seemed rather one dimensional and too sweet. Definitely cut back on the sugar and the amount of chocolate chips. However, the actual cake was a very nice consistency.
  • asterstar
    25 SEP, 2010
    These cupcakes are SO good. The use of egg whites really adds to a light and fluffy texture often hard to find in a homemade cake. Very sweet, and very good!
  • MS112641332
    29 AUG, 2009
    These cupcakes were a hit at my daughter's birthday celebration. Delicious!

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