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Use this mascarpone frosting recipe to make delicious Tiramisu Cupcakes.




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  • meganmvincenzi
    17 MAR, 2019
    This recipe was perfect! Make sure your cream, bowl, and wisk are chilled before trying to whip the cream (just like you would with whipped cream). Most the negative reviews seemed to be beginner bakers who didn't know the basics. Don't whip the mascarpone any more than needed to incorporate the sugar as the texture will only soften rather than firm up. There's no reason it would be runny if you had everything at the proper temperature and didn't over or undermix.
  • ALR9460160DW
    27 SEP, 2018
    This is the first time I have actually tried to make frosting. Followed the directions exactly and it turned out great. Loved it, will make this again.
  • jesslandkamer
    24 FEB, 2018
    When I mixed the cheese and sugar it ended up very grainy. Not very pleased to be honest
    • williams_irena
      25 SEP, 2018
      Well Jess, the recipe calls for icing sugar (powdered), not granular sugar. Perhaps you missed that bit?
  • mmclam2
    11 MAY, 2016
    Can you freeze this Mascarpone frosting or will it separate when assembled cake or frosting defrosts?
    • albarubano
      5 MAR, 2017
      I came up with this same recipe with a little less sugar and I freeze the extra . It keeps very well.
  • bakaengie
    2 MAR, 2013
    At first i found it a bit sweet alone but after I tried it with the tiramisu cupcake I enjoyed the sweetness and fluffiness that combined itself with the bread.
  • curdlie1
    22 FEB, 2013
    In the end, this frosting ended up great--but I had to make some modifications to make it work. I also had it turn out too runny. And I followed the recipe to a T. I had everything chilled. The cream was well whipped. In the end, I chose not to fold all of the cream in (I left about 3/4 cup out). I increased the sugar by about a cup and whipped the heck out of it. After a while in the stand mixer, it stiffened up considerably. It was fluffy and light and still not too sweet.
  • fuscialadybug
    14 NOV, 2012
    Chilling the mixing bowl and beaters of mixer for 20 mins before mixing could help make it fluffier. That works when making whipped cream and there is lots of heavy cream in this.
  • Donna-NJ
    29 OCT, 2012
    Loved this - it was the perfect topping for apple and pumpkin pie. It's light and delicate frosting that would be lovely on cupcakes. I could definitely see it on strawberry shortcake.
  • Kakebaker
    25 AUG, 2012
    Sorry about your disappointment and mortification lapage.... Try again, because you failed to follow the directions. When the directions are followed, the frosting is THE best in the world. Not too sweet, and perfectly fluffy and light. It does need to be kept chilled, which could have been the reason yours was runny. I also refrigerate the cake while I'm making the whipped cream and marscapone. If your cake isn't completely cooled, it could make for runny frosting...
  • Lapage2
    28 JUL, 2012
    This icing is NOT as pictured. Very runny... Tasted nice, but is NOT fluffy.. Very disappointed. I made this for my daughters birthday party and was mortified that it was extreemly runny

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