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Quick Jambalaya


Jambalaya, a one-pot New Orleans favorite, always includes meat or seafood and vegetables; this easy rendition is full of chicken, spicy andouille sausage, bell pepper, and onion.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2007
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  • shekinij
    15 JUL, 2018
    This was delicious! I'm glad I read the reviews. Other reviewers said the rice took a little longer to cook. To avoid that issue, I used Minute Brown Rice because it cooks in 10 minutes.
  • MS11097284
    14 JUN, 2018
    I have made this several times, as with all recipes from MSL, it is simple and delicious. I substitute Chorizo instead of the andouille, as my husband and I found it too spicy for our tastes. It is quick!
  • Kris Z
    16 NOV, 2014
    Reviews like those left by Terru Miller are absolutely crucial for novice chefs like myself. I chose this recipe to prepare with a friend, but we found ourselves short on time. Once we completed the prep work, we quickly determined that actual cook time would be an hour or (more than likely) longer. We took the suggestion to par cook the rice, and cut our cook time SIGNIFICANTLY. Also subbed out green bell pepper for roasted red and yellow peppers, and used celery salt instead of actual celery.
    • Kitchen Bob
      3 FEB, 2015
      I agree with Richard about your substitutions, but make no mistake about it, this recipe is far-far from traditional jambalaya. It was more likely concocted by a working parent looking to save time, not stick with tradition. If time is your issue, then jambalaya is the wrong dish - IMHO
    • Richard Richardsen
      21 JAN, 2015
      Lots of folks changing this recipe (subbing ) stuff. You can do that but I can assure you if you are subbing to make the dish better you are not going to get that done. Granted if you are making substitutions due to the lack of availability of the recommended will have to do so. But make it won't do that. This dish was conceived, refined and perfected in the smoky kitchens of Southern Louisiana. There is no one better at this stuff than them.
  • Terry Miller
    8 APR, 2014
    Pre cook the rice. Cook the rest of the ingredients and mix together. Mix well and eat. Came out great.
  • Amelia1111
    5 MAR, 2014
    I would not recommend making this. The "quick" is totally incorrect. It took double the time for the rice to cook.
  • Yoga Joy
    4 MAR, 2014
    I tinkered with the recipe a bit to reflect what I had on hand (Subbed hot links for andouille, creole seasoning for old bay, red bell pepper for green) The rice needed a lot more time to cook. Probably would have taken 30 minutes for rice to cook IF the heat had been kept on low. Aside from that, the jambalaya was very easy & quite yummy.
  • SimpleLifeandHome
    4 MAY, 2012
    Oh-me-oh-my! It was delicious! Even better: my kids loved it, too. I didn't have the Old Bay seasoning, so I added a little paprika and thyme, plus cayenne pepper for some kick. I'm always looking for new recipes to make dinner more exciting, and this recipe hit the spot. Definitely making this again!
  • kdka30
    3 MAR, 2011
    yummy. love it.
  • jen023
    5 MAY, 2010
    This was very good and easy to make. It all came together pretty fast. The only thing I might change would be to add a little more rice next time.
  • Charlie59
    20 FEB, 2010
    I like the easy -to-prepare recipies you show here. I am a german honny.cook and Ivisit your site from time to time to find new recipies. My friends do like my cooking very much. Thank you! yours Carl

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