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With pistachios in the batter and on top, our fudgy cake is truly holiday-worthy.

Source: Everyday Food, December 2008
Total Time Prep Servings


For the Cake

For the Chocolate Ganache and Topping


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  • adanleavittg
    24 DEC, 2016
    Haven't yet put on the ganache, but cake tastes great and very rich. Would strongly suggest checking the cake after 30 minutes. I left mine in for 42 minutes, and it was a little too long.
  • MS10187814
    14 DEC, 2015
    This was a very good recipe. I followed all the reviewers' advice and baked this for a bit more than 30 minutes. It came out perfectly. I even froze the torte 3 weeks in-advance of a holiday party.
  • Alanna1013
    7 APR, 2014
    Liked, but didn't love. Mine turned out slightly drier than I expected (baked 45 min). I will try another recipe next time I'm looking for chocolate torte.
  • Gabrielle Simone
    20 NOV, 2013
    This cake was very rich and delicious...Chocolate-Lovers-Only type of cake! I baked the cake for only about 55 minutes, and that helped to keep it moist. Right out of the oven, the center was a bit soft, but once it rested for a while it was fine. I could have done with more pistacchios mixed inside the cake batter for a bit more texture and crunch, but it was still well-balanced. Used sea salt instead. Very dense and fudge-like cake...a little goes a long way to satisfy that chocolate craving!
  • cakestorm
    11 JUL, 2013
    I'm unsure which is the amount of semisweet chocolate for the cake and which is for the ganache?
  • Lovetobake77
    15 DEC, 2012
    This is a great torte but was a little dry after I baked it at 55 minutes. Next time I'll start checking at 45 minutes and see. It is a very dense torte, very very chocolatey so I would serve with fresh whipped cream and/or berries. I love the chocolate and pistachio combination, I even put more pistachios than the recipe.
  • Atoms
    2 NOV, 2012
    Easy to make but it didn't dawn on me till it was too late that baking longer than 50 min would result in a very dry out torte. My recommendation would be to check it 40 mins. I took my out in 50 mins and it was already over baked and dry.
  • mamabrinkles
    27 DEC, 2011
    This was very simple to make. I lined the sides and the bottom of a spring form pan with butter and parchment paper, and it came out without any problems. I checked it at 60 minutes and the toothpick was coming out totally clean, so it was a little over done - I recommend checking at 50 minutes. I also did not really care for the pistachios in this recipe - weird right! I think it would be great with pecans or walnuts - even peanuts if you are a peanut lover. It is REALLY rich!
  • MS11018218
    10 AUG, 2010
    BonniJ - If you try thr paper molds, there's no unmolding. Just take out the cake and let cool in the mold and pour over the ganache once it's cool. You just slice it as is. Many bakeries are now using these paper molds, as well.
  • MS11018218
    10 AUG, 2010
    I've made this several time for home and work and it's a HUGE hit every time. I am now thinking of using the paper baking molds to make for less cleanup and easier transporation if I'm bringing it to somebody's house or work. Check them out at If you have one closeby, go into the store....They have even more than what's shown online. It would be cute to make individual ones in the small round ones.

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