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Triple-Chocolate Cheesecake

Recipe photo courtesy of David Loftus

An American-born beauty, the cheesecake gets upgraded with a triple dose of chocolate. It's in the crust, in the filling, and over the top. To help prevent cracks, turn off the oven and let the cheesecake sit inside for an hour. To cut the cleanest slices, use a knife dipped in warm water.

Source: Everyday Food, November 2007
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  • najefferis2111043
    22 DEC, 2018
    This is a super easy cheesecake to make. And it is delicious.
  • CKL22771073
    16 JUL, 2018
    It was awesome. What is really amazing , it was my first cheesecake. It is a family favorite and I am making it again this week. It turned out perfect although very rich. This time I am making a Raspberry sauce to counter some of the sweetness as a garnish.
  • MS11370413
    7 FEB, 2016
    I've read the recipe and plan to make this fabulous sounding cheesecake. I do have a concern though, in the recipe, a food processor was used, will using a mixer instead of the processor change the outcome?
    • aglucycampbel
      21 JUN, 2018
      Not at all. I used a stand mixer and it worked wonderfully.
  • aglucycampbel
    21 JUN, 2018
    First cheesecake I have ever made- came out perfect! Smooth, decadent, and no cracks! 10 out of 10, would bake again!
  • pauldc2000hotm
    24 NOV, 2017
    Spectacular recipe. One of the top two cheesecake recipes I have ever made. Extended family informed me I would be bringing this from now on. Followed recipe, but mixed in a bowl with hand mixer.
  • cspeluangusaha
    3 JUL, 2017
    Wow i like all about chocolate. For a chocolate drinks visit my blog
  • g6guyoptonline
    12 MAY, 2016
    Made this recipe exactly and it came out fantastic! The crust behaved when cutting and the taste/texture was incredible. I added grated orange rind to the batter and it gave it a great added zing. Totally recommend it!
    • engineman409ao
      7 NOV, 2016
      I made this with low-fat cream cheese, low fat sour cream and 1 cup of Truvia sugar. Used reduced fat Oreo cookies for the crust. Excellent! I will definitely make this again.
  • 212cook
    3 NOV, 2014
    Wonderful! I wrapped the spring-form tin in 3 layers of foil and baked cheesecake in a water bath for 1 hour; then let it sit in the oven for another hour -- no cracks. Came out perfectly. Added the ganache and served it with a raspberry sauce. Rave reviews. I have made this before without the water bath and ended up with cracks. I highly recommend using a water bath. ENJOY!
  • raymcnab
    17 APR, 2014
    I want to try this recipe for Easter dinner. Question: Do I need to bake it in a water bath? I don't want any cracks and will cool it properly, but noticed the recipe doesn't call for a water bath. Those of you that have tried this recipe and haven't had cracks, please chime in :-D Thanks so much everyone!
  • Kristin23417
    26 MAR, 2014
    Amazing!! It's so simple and cheap to make. I brought to a company party and everyone raved about how good it was. It's very sweet and heavy, so if you don't like that kind of thing avoid this recipe. I loved it!!!

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