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The batter for this easy-to-make banana bread is enriched with sour cream, which gives it a subtle tang and super moist texture.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2004




To make the cream cheese frosting, in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat together 6 ounces cream cheese, 3 tablespoons confectioners' sugar, 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract until smooth. Frost top of cooled bread.

To make the cream cheese frosting-filled banana bread as featured on "The Martha Stewart Show," once the loaf is baked and cooled, halve horizontally. Using an offset spatula, spread frosting evenly over bottom half. Top with remaining half; slice and serve.

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  • msvantnguyen
    7 APR, 2019
    My sister has been making this bread for over 10 years in Martha Stewart's cute mini loaf pan, tonight I made some in a regular loaf pan, delicious! I added some cinnamon and my house smells amazing!
  • jillsjunk925
    30 DEC, 2018
    I loved this recipe! I used a little extra banana, mini chocolate chips instead of nuts and made muffins instead of a big loaf. They were perfectly moist and done in 17 minutes. I'll totally use this recipe again.
    • barbquint
      16 FEB, 2019
      Can I use oil instead of butter.
  • Nycbrian308
    8 FEB, 2019
    Very easy to make and great banana flavour.
  • mssnurse21
    1 JUN, 2018
    Perfection! Yummy!!! If using a glass pan turn oven down 25 degrees and cut cooking time by about 15-20 minutes to avoid over baking. Glass pans get hotter and retain heat longer after removing from oven! I started the toothpick challlenge at 30 minutes if baking oven. It was ready at 45 minutes.
    • theannegbert
      13 JAN, 2019
      It may be that your baking soda is old. You never know how long it has sat on the shelf before you bought it. Really, baking soda once it is open stays good for about 60 days. If you have made this one plus other recipes with the same “flat” result you may want to grab a new box and try again. I am only speaking from my personal experience. I love this recipe and have used it MANY times!
    • MS10736405
      1 JUL, 2018
      can i skip vanilla - don't have any
    • mssnurse21
      1 JUN, 2018
      Oops typed this in using my cell phone tiny keys...Please disregard the typos. It does not allow for error correction. Thanks...M.
  • sanannc5
    27 NOV, 2018
    Have made this before, I made 2 loaves today, best banana bread recipe I've ever used.
    • liliamanalora
      24 DEC, 2018
      Best Banana I ever bake and yummy I add chocolate and swirl it, add nuts too so yummy
  • kasiay134712966
    3 OCT, 2018
    • hasapien
      14 NOV, 2018
      I have made the loaf a few times with great results. I had one very ripe banana (about 1/2 cup mashed) so I made half a recipe, and made muffins. I got 11 small and wonderful ones. They cooked in 20 munutes. Try it.
    • kasiay134712966
      3 OCT, 2018
      It was in the oven for to Long
  • ALR12144549DW
    11 OCT, 2018
    Easy and Great
  • michelleturney1
    29 SEP, 2018
    My husband’s favorite...and he’s picky. I’m always looking up different recipes to use whatever I have in the house. So, sometimes my banana bread will have buttermilk and sometimes lemon juice, etc. My husband asked me to make this specific recipe this fall. He referred to it as “that one you made which tasted light.” Mmmm...Okayyyy. Anyway, it his birthday week (also referred to as the twelve days of Jim’s birthday) and he’s asleep. There’s one in the oven right now as a surprise when he wakes up. Thank you, Martha!🤗
  • kat1beach
    16 SEP, 2018
    This is my favorite but I only bake it for an hour.
  • MS10394828
    15 SEP, 2018
    We love this. I have made it for years! I use the smaller Bread pans 7 3/8 x 3 5/8 x 2 1/4. Bake 40 minutes. I do not put nuts in batter but sprinkle across top. I have poured half batter in pans, chocolate chips (mini) and rest of batter. Yum! Always perfect bread. Never dry.
    • MS10394828
      15 SEP, 2018
      Forgot to mention. These freeze beautiful. Just thaw and serve! I double the recipe always. Some 2.5 times.

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