Balsamic Portobello Burgers with Bell Pepper and Goat Cheese

Prep Time:
30 mins
Total Time:
1 hr

The sweet, complex flavors of balsamic vinegar enhance the smokiness of grilled portobellos and bell pepper, making for an ultra-satisfying meatless burger.


  • ¼ cup olive oil, plus more for grates

  • ¼ cup balsamic vinegar

  • 3 garlic cloves, minced

  • Coarse salt and ground pepper

  • 1 red bell pepper (ribs and seeds removed), cut into 4 equal pieces

  • 8 portobello mushrooms (about 1 pound total), stems removed

  • 4 hamburger buns

  • 5 ounces fresh goat cheese, cut into 4 equal slices

  • 4 lettuce leaves


  1. In a shallow dish, whisk together oil, vinegar, garlic, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Add bell pepper and mushrooms; toss gently to coat. Marinate at room temperature for 30 minutes (or refrigerate, up to overnight).

  2. Heat grill to medium; lightly oil grates. Grill bell pepper, skin side down, until blackened, about 10 minutes; remove from grill. When cool enough to handle, remove and discard skin; set bell pepper aside. Grill mushrooms, covered, until lightly charred and tender, 3 to 4 minutes per side.

  3. Dividing evenly, top bottom half of each bun with bell pepper, mushrooms, goat cheese, and lettuce. Close burgers, and serve immediately.

Cook's Notes

A large shallow dish allows the marinade to evenly coat the vegetables. Portobello burgers are nice and juicy because the mushroom caps underside thirstily absorbs the marinade.

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