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This classic Thanksgiving pie comes together quickly, then needs a long time to cool. It's a wonderful make-ahead recipe that you can bake the night before or early the morning of the feast. Either way it leaves you plenty of time to work on the rest of the meal.

Source: Everyday Food, November 2006
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  • kroxa5297373
    13 NOV, 2018
    My family's favorite pie!
  • jimmadson
    12 JUL, 2015
    Please give us a recipe without corn syrup.
    • hpeirano
      14 MAY, 2018
      Google for Pecan Pie V, and you'll find a recipe without corn syrup. I've tried it, and it came out pretty good.
    • MS11001311
      21 SEP, 2017
      Yes . . . please give us a recipe without GMO corn syrup. Martha, you are the one who warned us about how dangerous GMOs are. Please read "Seeds of Change" or "Genetic Roulette." Not only will it increase diabetes, autism rates, heart disease, dementia and destroy your colon . . . the rats used in France's study (before banning GMOs) were all sterile by the third generation.
      23 NOV, 2016
      I wasn't able to link to it, simply search "Maple Pecan Pie" and you'll find a Martha recipe that uses maple syrup instead. Happy Thanksgiving
  • Indi pie
    24 JUN, 2013
    I absolutely love this recipe,it's so easy to make and delicious on a cold winters night served warm with some ice cream!
  • Daniel Zimmermann
    23 NOV, 2012
    Sorry, I did not care for this recipe. There were too many pecans for the amount of filling and it wasn't sweet enough. This made for a bland, dry pie. My family said it was good but I think they were just being nice. I won't make this recipe again.
  • brodybear
    19 NOV, 2011
    I used a roll out ready made crust and this pie turned out beautifully. So easy and the first pecan pie that I have ever made where the proportion of filling is perfect for a normal size pie plate. Does not spill over and the cooking time was perfect at 50 mins. Will always make this recipe from now on...looks impressive!
  • MS112702038
    10 OCT, 2011
  • Sarina23
    30 NOV, 2010
    Love it! I only added 2 cups of pecans instead of three and I added a cup or two of dark chocolate chips, which took this recipe over the top! My husband is requesting one for his birthday and I'm excited to make it again!
  • Adariana
    28 NOV, 2010
    I am not really great in the Kitchen, but insisted that my mom let me make something for Thanksgiving this year. This was what I chose to make and this recipe is SO EASY! It was a huge hit at our Thanksgiving dinner. Even my extremely picky husband loved it and wants me to make it again. I do suggest putting some tin foil around the crust to avoid over baking it. Mom's great advice.
  • ninosal
    13 NOV, 2010
    Delicious!I will try this recipe as soon as I find pecan at the grocery stores.(I live in Ankara)Can I try it with walnut as well?
  • CaymanMamma
    28 MAR, 2010
    I have made this several times and the only changes I make is to almost half the amount of pecans as I find you can barely taste the rest of the filling. I love this pie because it reminds me of a giant butter tart which is a Canadian favourite. I find the filling to almost be like a pudding so I dont think you are doing anything wrong.

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