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Punched-Paper Treat Bags

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January 2011


  • Small paper bags in a variety of colors

  • Edge punch

  • Punch-all-over-the-page punch

  • Cellophane bag

  • Candy

  • Decorative stickers


  1. Choose one bag color for an inside lining. Trim any rough edges from the top opening. Choose a second bag color for the outside; trim the top of this bag to 1/2 inch below the first.

  2. With the lining bag still folded, use the edge punch to punch through front and back of top of bag. Start in the center and move outward for best results.

  3. With the outer bag still folded, use the punch-all-over-the-page punch to punch through center of bag.

  4. Open both bags and place lining bag inside outer bag. Fill a small cellophane bag with candy and secure top with a sticker. Place bag of candy inside finished treat bag.

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