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Lizard Terrarium How-To

Bring a small piece of the great outdoors inside with an easy-to-maintain lizard terrarium.

Source: Petkeeping Television, January 2011


Create a small replica of the natural world in any corner of your home with this simply made lizard terrarium.

Resources: Glass tanks, sterile branches, water dishes, and heat lamps available at pet stores; orchid bark, plants, and floral wire available at home and garden centers.


  • Large glass tank with tight-fitting screen cover

  • Orchid bark

  • Washable branch

  • Spanish moss or air bromeliads

  • Green floral wire

  • Plant

  • Reptile water dish

  • Heat lamp with full-spectrum bulb


  1. Add a thick layer of orchid bark to the floor of the tank.

  2. Place your branch (Marc used sterilized, sandblasted grapevine) in the tank. Choose one that takes up a good amount of space and offers plenty of perches for your terrarium's inhabitants.

  3. Tie Spanish moss or air bromeliads to the branch using green floral wire.

  4. Add a hardy plant (Marc used a potted pothos) to a corner of the tank. Keep the plant inside its pot to make watering easier -- simply pile up some orchid bark around the pot if you'd rather it not show.

  5. Fill a reptile dish with water and place it on the floor of the tank.

  6. Place a heat lamp on top of the tank, pointed toward the highest perch to create a basking spot.

  7. Introduce your lizards to their new home. Marc made his terrarium for four green anole lizards.

  8. Mist the inside of the tank with chlorine-free water using a plant mister every day, and empty and clean the contents of the terrarium once a week. Feed your lizards a steady diet of small insects such as crickets dusted with calcium powder.

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