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Artisanal Wooden Bowls with David Lancaster

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2011

Woodturner David Lancaster has been infatuated with the art of woodworking since he saw the movie "Pinocchio" at the age of seven and fell in love with the little puppet made of wood. Today, he is a master artisan who turns simple pieces of wood into beautiful heirloom bowls.

Each of David's delicately detailed bowls is made from native North American hardwood, such as cherry, ash, maple, apple, and walnut. At carefully chosen times of year, he travels throughout the Northeast acquiring logs, which are then cut into various lengths to provide the highest possible yield while also eliminating any defects. The logs are sectioned into individual blanks, which can be mounted on a lathe (a rotating machine tool) and rough-turned. These rough-turned bowls are dried in a kiln for 30 to 40 days, then re-turned on the lathe, sanded, and coated in a food-safe finish.

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