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Maloof-Inspired Rocking Chairs

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2011

Like Martha, her brother Eric Scott has been working with his hands since childhood. But it was not until his graduation from dental school years later that he decided to learn the art of woodworking after seeing a Maloof rocking chair and other beautiful projects in the pages of Fine Woodworking magazine.

One of America's preeminent makers of handcrafted furniture, Sam Maloof worked as a graphic artist before pursuing woodworking, and had no formal training. One of his signature rocking chairs, regarded by many woodworkers as the most difficult type of furniture to make, was the first piece of contemporary furniture selected for the White House collection in 1982.

Inspired by the elegant, flowing design of this handcrafted chair, Eric signed up for a seven-day Maloof-inspired furniture workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, taught by master woodworker Chuck Brock and began work on his first homemade rocker. He has since become a masterful woodworking hobbyist and crafted bowls, fish, and goblets in addition to the Maloof-inspired rocking chairs and a sophisticated highboy with scroll molding.

Learn how to build a Maloof-inspired rocking chair with the "Build a Maloof-Inspired Rocker with Charles Brock" instructional plan bundle and Maloof-Inspired Rocking Chair Walnut Parts Kit.

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